Bibliothèque américaine: ou, Catalogue des ouvrages relatifs à l'Amérique qui ont paru depuis sa découverte jusqu'à l'an 1700

Arthus-Bertrand, 1837 - 191 pagina's

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Pagina 53 - Historia general de la Yndia Oriental. Los descubrimientos y conquistas, que han hecho las armas de Portugal, en el Brasil, y en otras partes de Africa, y de la Asia; y de la dilatación del S.
Pagina 16 - Aquí se contienen unos avisos y reglas para los confesores que oyeren \confesiones de los Españoles que son, o han sido en cargo a los Indios de las Indias del mar Océano...
Pagina 129 - A Platform of Church Discipline gathered out of the word of God: and agreed upon by the Elders; and Messengers of the Churches assembled in the Synod at Cambridge in New England to be presented to the Churches and General!
Pagina 85 - And a Treatise Annexed, Written by that learned Mathematician Mr. Henry Briggs, of the Northwest passage to the South Sea through the Continent of Virginia, and by Fretum Hudson.
Pagina 37 - A briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia : of the commodities there found and to be raysed, as well marchantable, as others...
Pagina 116 - Al. de, historica relacion del reyno de Chile, y de las missiones y ministerios que exercita en el la compania de Jesus.
Pagina 143 - Méjico, al señor don Juan de Palafox y Mendoza, obispo de la Puebla de los Angeles...
Pagina 117 - mend his native country, lamentably tattered both in the upper-leather and sole, with all the honest stitches he can take ; and as willing never to be paid for his work by old English wonted pay. It is his trade to patch all the year long gratis. Therefore I pray gentlemen keep your purses. By Theodore de la Guard.
Pagina 129 - Sir Francis Drake Revived. Who is or may be a Pattern to stirre up all Heroicke and active Spirits of these Times, to benefit their Countrey and eternize their names by like Noble Attempts.
Pagina 159 - A NARRATIVE of the Troubles with the Indians in New England, from the first planting thereof, in the year 1607, to this present year, 1677. But chiefly of the late Troubles in the two last years, 1675 and 1676. To which is added, a Discourse about the Warre with the Pequods in the year 1637.

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