Bibliotheca Americana: A Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Books, Illustrating the History and Geography of North and South America and the West Indies

Alfred Russell Smith, 1871 - 290 pagina's

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Pagina 34 - WESTMORELAND and Cumberland.— Dialogues, Poems, Songs, and Ballads, by various Writers, in the Westmoreland and Cumberland Dialects, now first collected, to which is added a Copious Glossary of Words peculiar to those Counties. Post 8vo, (pp. 408), cloth. 9s.
Pagina 38 - LIFE, PROGRESSES, AND REBELLION OF JAMES, DUKE OF MONMOUTH, &c., to his Capture and Execution, with a full account of the Bloody Assize, and copious Biographical Notices.
Pagina 23 - He would have made a great epic poet, if indeed he has not abundantly shown himself to be one ; for his Homer is not so properly a translation as the stories of Achilles and Ulysses rewritten. The earnestness and passion...
Pagina 124 - Dr. COTTON MATHER'S Wonders of the Invisible World, being an account of the Trials of several Witches lately executed in New England, and of the several remarkable curiosities therein occurring. To which are added Dr. INCREASE MATHER'S Further Account of the Tryals, and Cases of Conscience concerning Witchcrafts, and Evil Spirits Personating Men. Reprinted from the rare original editions of 1693, with an Introductory Preface.
Pagina 45 - SHARPE (S.) The History of Egypt, from the Earliest Times till the Conquest by the Arabs, AD 640.
Pagina 47 - BIBLIOTHECA CANTIANA.— A Bibliographical Account of what has been published on the History, Topography, Antiquities, Customs, and Family Genealogy of the County of Kent, with Biographical Notes. By John Russell Smith. In a handsome 8vo volume (pp. 370), with two plates of facsimiles of Autographs of 33 eminent Kentish Writers.
Pagina 11 - CHRONICLE of London from 1089 to 1483, written in the 15th Century, and for the first time printed from MSS. in the British Museum, with numerous Contemporary Illustrations of Royal Letters, Poems, descriptive of Public Events and Manners and Customs of the Metropolis. (Edited by SIR HARRIS NICOLAS.) 4to, facsimile, cloth bds.
Pagina 25 - The text is so pleasing that we scarcely dream of its sterling value ; and it seems as if, in unison with the woodcuts, which so cleverly explain its points and adorn its various topics, the whole design were intended for a relaxation from study, rather than an ample exposition of an extraordinary and universal custom, which produced the most important effect upon the minds and habits of mankind.
Pagina 37 - The History and Antiquities of ^ the Parish of Blyth, in the Counties of Nottingham and York, comprising Accounts of the Monastery, Hospitals, Chapels, and Ancient Tournament Field, of the Parish of the Castle and Manor of Tickill, and of the Family Possessions of De...
Pagina 3 - ALFRED (King). — Memorials of King Alfred, being Essays on the History and Antiquities of England during the Ninth Century — the Age of King Alfred. BY various Authors. Edited and in part written by the Rev. Dr. GILES. Royal 8vo, pp. 400, coloured plate of K. Alfred's Jewel, seven plates of Anglo-Saxon Coins, and views of Grimbald's Crypt, doth, 7s 6d ALLIES (Jabez, FSA) The Ancient British, Roman, and Saxon Antiquities and Folk-Lore of Worcestershire.

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