Bibliotheca Spenceriana: Or, A Descriptive Catalogue of the ... Library of George John, Earl Spencer, Volume 2

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Page 453 - Tucca vetat Variusque; simul tu maxime Caesar non sinis et Latiae consulis historiae. Infelix gemino cecidit prope Pergamon igni, et paene est alio Troia cremata rogo.
Page 341 - Of the first line, the following is a fac-simile. There are 5 more leaves ; devoted to a brief life of Seneca, and to the supposed correspondence between Seneca and the Apostle Paul. On the recto of the fifth leaf, we read Epitaphium Senece ; Cura/ labor/ meritu/ supti pro munere honores. Ite. alias posthac/ sollicitate animas. Me procul a vobis/ deus euocat.' illicet astris. Rebus terrenis, hospita terra vale. Corpus auara tamen/ solemnibus accipe saxis Nanq; animam celo reddimus/ ossa tibi ; De...
Page 342 - Epistola prima | de colligeitda 8c existenda fuga teporis. Et non esse pauperem cui etia modicu satis est. A large blank space is left for the insertion of the capital I to the first epistle. A full page has 37 lines ; and each Epistle has a title prefixed to it in lower case letter. There are neither numerals, signatures, nor catchwords. On the reverse of the 166th and last leaf, we read the termination of the last epistle, and the colophon, thus: Cum uisis quae homines eripiunt| optantl custodiunt.
Page 113 - Aspicis illustris lector quicunq; libellos | Si cupis artificum nomina nosse : lege. | Aspera ridebis cognomina teutona : forsan | Mitiget ars musis inscia uerba uirum.
Page 109 - The collector of the early pieces of the celebrated printer of this Edition, need not lament the want of any other specimen of his press, if he be fortunate enough to possess the present rare and very beautiful production of it.
Page 51 - Doze, who told me he gave 650 livres for it Mr. Smith, our Consul at Venice, wrote me word that he had purchased a copy, but that it was imperfect Lord Oxford offered Maittaire 50 guineas for the identical copy.
Page 462 - Bure fells us that 19 leaves (containing the Opuscula described as being at the end of the previous edition,) precede the commencement of the text of the Eclogues.- having, on the 19th, the following subscription—which I shall copy, as it stands here, the last leaf in the volume : Quern legis: impressus dum stabit i aere caracter ; Dum non longa dies : uel fera fata prement. Candida perpetuae non deerit fama Cremona;. Phidiacu hinc supcrat Bartholomaeus ebur.
Page 355 - Whatever may be the claims of the supposed Roman, Milan, and Parisian impressions, bibliographers seem to be justified in giving chronological precedence to the present one. It is no less estimable from its rarity than from its great intrinsic value ; as it has received the warmest eulogies of Salmasius, one of the ablest editors of the author.
Page 258 - DVCE. being here omitted. Bibliographers have not failed to describe, in rather glowing language, the beauty and value of this impression; which is probably, considering its bulk, the chef-d'oeuvre of the celebrated artist who executed it.
Page 195 - Si merui: uideorq; noces: iponite flamp : Et liceat misery dedecus esse semel. Si nee cur urar : nee cur excidar habetis: Parcite: sic cpptum perficiatis iter ; . P. ouidii nasonis de nuce libellus explicit. Such is the account of this exceedingly rare publication of one of the most interesting works of classical antiquity. The present copy, although handsomely bound in yellow morocco, and of ample dimensions, has a few of the leaves in the first volume perfected by MS:— executed, however, with...

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