Biennial Report

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الصفحة 190 - Rule 6. Every dead body must be accompanied by a person in charge, who must be provided with a passage ticket and also present a full first-class ticket marked "Corpse...
الصفحة 172 - State ; he shall collect information concerning vital statistics, knowledge respecting diseases, and all useful information on the subject of hygiene : and through an annual report, and otherwise, as the board may direct, shall disseminate such information among the people,.
الصفحة 56 - Sir: I have the honor to respectfully submit the following report of the work of the Service...
الصفحة 186 - No parent, guardian or other person having charge or control of any child or children shall allow or permit any such child or children to go from any house or building infected with...
الصفحة 177 - ... and whenever any such nuisance, source of filth or cause of sickness shall be found to exist on any private property, or...
الصفحة 182 - Health and his own board; he shall keep a correct report of its proceedings, and of his official acts; shall report quarterly and at such other times as may be required by the State Board of Health, and perform such other duties as may be required by his own or the State board. Local boards of health shall...
الصفحة 177 - It shall be the duty of The board of trustees or council of every incorporated city or town of less than ten thousand and more than two thousand five hundred inhabitants to appoint a board of health for such city or town, to consist of three persons, not members of such board of trustees or council, who shall hold their office for a term of three years, and until their successors have been apopinted.
الصفحة 190 - The transit permit must be made in duplicate, and the signatures of the physician or coroner, health officer and undertaker must be on both the original and duplicate copies. The undertaker's certificate and paster of the original, shall be detached from the transit permit and pasted on the coffin box.
الصفحة 188 - It shall be the duty of any person having charge or control of any premises upon which milk or cream is produced, handled, stored or distributed, to notify the health officer immediately upon the discovery of any case of diphtheria, measles, membraneous croup, scarlet fever, smallpox, typhoid fever, or any other contagious or infectious diseases upon such premises.
الصفحة 173 - ... is hereby appropriated to pay the salary of the Secretary, meet the contingent expenses of the office of the Secretary and the expenses of the Board, and all costs of printing, which together shall not exceed the sum hereby appropriated. Said expenses shall be certified and paid in the same manner as the salary of the Secretary.

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