Big Boots and Black Hair Dye

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AuthorHouse, Jun 14, 2005 - Literary Collections
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Big Boots and Black Hair Dye is a compilation of stories, poetry, and strongly-opinionated personal writings brought to you by a 19 year-old writing student by the name of Carmela Hayslett. The overall theme is self-exploration with poetry about finding yourself within and writings about the maturing of wisdom. Most stories written for the book were based on personal experiences that were brought to life with a fictional edge. The author speaks candidly about her own personal experiences with surviving a car wreckage, opposing alcohol and drugs, and surviving failed relationships.

The stories includes the tale of a young boy named Martin Wolfpack. Martin decides to leave his family to live as a savage in the supposed ‚eoedangerous‚e woods in his quest to avenge his brother‚e(tm)s death and become knighted. In ‚eoeMend My Heart‚e you are brought into a world where Dominick is being tortured and pestered by the alter-ego of his ex-girlfriend just after he broke up with her. Other tales include a metaphysical story about a fearful girl who‚e(tm)s biggest dream is to ride a motorcycle and restore the memory of her forgotten and departed uncle. You will also be introduced to an aspiring actress with an anger problem, vampires who engage into a brutal fight for vengeance, and also a group of goofy kids who are trying to sell lemonade in the hottest summer of their lives.

Big Boots and Black Hair Dye is a book for all ages with something that can be suited for everyone‚e(tm)s reading pleasure. Whether you are an action-adventure fan or are looking for a dose of children‚e(tm)s humor to read to your kids, this book delivers story-telling in various forms. The main motivation of the book is to expand a reader‚e(tm)s thinking and inspire decent acts of courage, loyalty, and compassion.

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