Big Questions

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Penguin, Apr 18, 2011 - Juvenile Nonfiction - 128 pages
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This book asks the big questions that really make you think about yourself and your place in the world. What is the secret of happiness? Can computers think? What is reality anyway? Stretching your brain and firing your imagination, the bright, dynamic spreads will set your mind racing off along different tangents and into new realms of discovery. From personal questions about thoughts and dreams to the wider questions of life, the universe, and everything, this is a journey like no other.

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6 Where Are We Going?
8 Why Are You Reading This?
10 Where Did the Universe Come From?
12 Whats the Matter with Matter?
14 How Can the Universe Be Infinite?
16 How Do We Know That Dinosaurs Even Existed?
18 Can We Know Anything for Sure?
20 Where Do We Come From?
70 Why Do We Dream?
72 Do Dreams Have Meaning?
74 What Causes Emotions?
76 What Is Fear?
78 Where Do Phobias Come From?
80 Can I Believe My Eyes?
82 What Is Sixth Sense?
84 Does Practice Make Perfect?

22 What Is the Meaning of Life?
24 Is There a God?
26 What Is a Soul?
28 Is There a Heaven?
30 Are We Alone in the Universe?
32 Have Aliens Visited Earth?
34 What Is Reality?
36 What Is Imagination?
38 What Is Insanity?
40 Do We Have Free Will?
42 What Is Equality?
44 What Are Good and Evil?
46 What Is the Difference Between Right and Wrong?
48 Does Where Im Born Make Me Who I Am?
50 What Is Language?
52 How Do You Know This Is a Question?
54 So Who Wears the Pants?
56 What Is the Secret to Happiness?
58 Is There a Power to Positive Thinking?
60 Why Am I the Way I Am?
62 Why Am I Unique?
64 How Can I Be Myself?
66 Why Do Memories Fade?
68 What Is the Point of Sleep?
86 Can I Be Brainwashed?
88 What Is Beauty?
90 What Is Love?
92 What Is Art?
94 How Do Colors Make You Feel?
96 Does Magic Exist?
98 What Is Music?
100 Why Do We Need to Explore?
102 What Is Life Anyway?
104 Can Computers Think?
106 Do I Need to Do Math Homework?
108 Do Animals Have Rights?
110 Why Do People Go to War?
112 Are We Playing God?
114 Can Miracles Happen?
116 Is Time Travel a Possibility?
118 Can You Step in the Same River Twice?
120 Do You Really Want to Live Forever?
122 Enlightenment
124 Glossary
126 Index
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