Billy the Kid Serial Killer: Conversations With the Spirit of Billy the Kid and Master Psychic, David L. Gerke

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AuthorHouse, 2011 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 228 pages
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There have been many books written on Billy the Kid but never one quite like this one. Master Psychic, Dave Gerke 's work within the spirit world tells Billy 's story as facts rather than fiction. It is based on numerous readings with Billy.

It is a story of a young boy turned killer in order to survive; than found out that he liked the experience of his crimes, his killings, and the mutilations. This story twists with a startling ending as the relationship between Billy the Kid and Dave Gerke, the Master Psychic, culminates.

As the book evolved Billy said, I m sorry Dave. I m sorry I let you down. You didn t know any of this stuff. I heard you say to your wife, if I had known all of this I wouldn t of wrote the book and if I had known you d went this deep, I wouldn t of come to you wanting you to write it.

Who really killed Billy the Kid? Who kept most of the reward money? Who turned him in to Pat Garrett? Did Paulita really love Billy? Where is Billy buried now? Where is Billy 's Loot? These and other never before answered questions are explained and answered finally.

Dave Gerke is a Master Psychic, who excels in talking to the spirits; can communicate with any spirit that he calls up. He is extremely mastered in his field. Being a Master Psychic is truly rewarding in that he can help others through the gifts given by His Great GOD.


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The Killing and Crimes Set the Stage 2
Alias Kid AntrimBilly Bounty 3
Cards Horses Cattle Jail Escape and His Death 5
Pat Garretts Spirit 7
Spirits of Pat Garrett and Deputy Bell 10
Spirit of Pete Maxwell 13
Stories on Billys Sense of Humor 15
Amusing to Remorseful 16
Spirit of John H Tunstall 19
Spirit of Yno 22
Spirit of Ed Burleson from the Guadalupe Mountains 24
Spirit of Paulita Maxwell 26
A Change of Heart 29

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Dave was born in Merrill, Wisconsin, in 1940. He had many gifts available to him upon birth. His memories span an entire lifetime; from conception to present, of the many strange and unusual happenings that occurred to him, around him and through him. Others would consider these strange; for him it was typical and normal. As a child there were many different occasions where he would just know what was going to happen; such as who would be on the phone before it rang to who was at the door before they came in.He knows when we pass that we revert back to our spirit form. He has developed astutely this gift of bringing forth spirits and talking to the so called dead. This is most evident in his conversations with Billy the Kid where Billy willingly and sometimes not so willingly divulged facts not previously known about him.In Dave's conversations with Pat Garrett, Sherriff Brady, Deputy Bell and others they admitted wrongdoings not previously disclosed. Dave shows his skills and gifts in talking with these spirits by getting them to admit the truth and in some areas matters that were not previously disclosed.Dave is a complete master psychic in his methods and ways of communicating with the departed. He is able to hone in on almost any individual who has passed and whom he desires to talk to. He can than release these conversations to others as shown in this book of readings with Billy the Kid and other spirits of that era.He has authored a previous book entitled "Conversations with Spirits from Tombstone" and is currently working on other books of selected subjects of interest. These books will open the door to others by revealing more of his gifts and thus helping others in the development of their psychic and spiritual gifts.Dave is married and has the support of his wife and two daughters in his efforts. Dave and his wife currently reside in Arizona.Being a Master Psychic is truly rewarding in that he can help others through the gifts given to him by his Great GOD.

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