Biographical Directory of the Tax-payers and Voters of McHenry County: Containing Also a Map of the County, a Condensed History of the State of Illinois, an Historical Sketch of the County, Its Towns and Villages, an Abstract of Everyday Laws of the State, a Business Directory, Officers of Societies, Lodges and Public Officers, a Department of General Information for Farmers, Dairymen, Etc., Etc

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C. Walker, 1877 - 352 halaman

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Halaman 33 - County courts shall be courts of record, and shall have original jurisdiction in all matters of probate, settlement of estates of deceased persons...
Halaman 27 - Miamis, of whose tribe he was chief, having been adopted by the famous Miami warrior, Little Turtle. When news of Hull's surrender reached Fort Wayne, he had started with this force to assist Heald in defending Fort Dearborn. He was too late. Every means for its defense had been destroyed the night before, and arrangements were made for leaving the fort on the morning of the 15th. It was a warm bright morning in the middle of August. Indications were positive that the savages intended to murder the...
Halaman 33 - ... 9. An action for damages for fraud in the sale, purchase, or exchange of personal property, if the damages claimed do not exceed two hundred dollars.
Halaman 34 - Lot of ground and buildings thereon, occupied as a residence by the debtor, being a householder and having a family, to the value of $1,000.
Halaman 54 - ... premises, and each and every part thereof, which is given by or results from all laws of this state pertaining to the exemption of homesteads. And the said...
Halaman 46 - When a tenant abandons or removes from the premises or any part thereof, the landlord, or his agent or attorney, may seize upon any grain or other crops grown or growing upon the premises, or part thereof so abandoned, whether the rent is due or not. If such grain, or other crops, or any part thereof, is not fully grown or matured, the landlord, or his agent or attorney, shall cause the same to be properly cultivated, harvested or gathered, and may sell the same, and from the proceeds pay all his...
Halaman 13 - ... of all the land, for public schools. 3. A provision prohibiting the adoption of any constitution or the enactment of any law that should nullify pre-existing contracts. Be it forever remembered that this compact declared that " Religion, morality, and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall always be encouraged.
Halaman 50 - Together with all and singular, the appurtenances thereunto "belonging, or in any wise appertaining ; to have and to hold the above described goods and chattels, unto the said party of the second part, his heirs and assigns, forever.
Halaman 49 - ... to have and to hold the same unto the party of the second part, his executors and assigns forever.
Halaman 51 - In witness whereof, the said party of the first part has hereunto set his hand and seal, the day and year first above written.

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