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1903 - Literary Collections - 32 pages
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Page 31 - Discovery of Actual Glaciers on the Mountains of the Pacific Slope," Am. Jour. Sci., 3d Ser., vol. i, p. 157, 1871. "Notes on observed glacial phenomena and the terminal moraine of the NE glacier," Proc. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist., vol. xix, p. 60, 1876. "Paleozoic subdivisions of the Fortieth Parallel,
Page 20 - Hayes' term he offered his resignation, but at the President's request he held over until after the inauguration of Garfield. The latter accepted it on March 12, 1881, in an autograph letter expressing in the warmest terms his appreciation of the efficiency of King's service and his regret that he did not find it possible to remain longer in charge of the Geological Bureau. Brief as was the duration of his administration, his influence being exercised at the critical period of the Survey's existence,...
Page 31 - Vol. III. of the Report of the US Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel, entitled " Mining Industry, by James D. Hague, with Geological Contributions by Clarence King," and illustrated with many plates and an accompanying atlas.
Page 19 - It has been characterized as the most masterly summary of a great piece of geological field work that has ever been written, and is used to this day by university professors of geology as a model for their advanced students.
Page 13 - The mountains of our great vacant interior," he writes in a typical example, "are not barren, but full of wealth; the deserts are not all desert; the vast plains will produce something better than buffalo, namely beef; there is water for irrigation, and land fit to receive it. All that is needed is to explore and declare the nature of the national domain
Page 25 - Barus' determinations of the latent heat of fusion, specific heat, melted and solid, and volume of expansion between the solid and melted state, of the rock diabase. This is followed by a critical examination of other methods of determining the earth's age — by tidal retardation, by sun-age, and by variations of eccentricity. After a careful scrutiny of all the data on the effect of pressure on the temperature of consolidation, King concluded that, without further experimental data, "we have no...
Page 20 - ... districts, whose importance is to be measured not solely by the accurate information which they afforded of these particular regions, but in far greater degree by their influence upon the whole body of mining engineers, in teaching them the practical importance of a study of the geological relations of ore deposits. He also planned and supervised the collection of statistics of the precious metals for the Tenth Census, a work which has never been equaled in detail or scientific accuracy, and...
Page 23 - By the breadth of his treatment and by better and fuller data he advanced the problem of the origin of the various kinds of volcanic rocks far beyond the point reached by any of his predecessors." In his chapter on Orography, King says, in speaking of the causes of crust motion : " I can plainly see that were the critical shell established its reactions might thread the tangled maze of phenomena successfully, but I prefer to build no farther until the underlying physics are worked out.
Page 32 - The Age of the Earth," Amer. Jour. Sci., vol. xlv., Jan., 1893. "The Helmet of Mambrino," Century, p. 154, May, 1886. " The Biographers of Lincoln," Century, p. 861, Oct., 1886. "The Education of the Future,
Page 12 - Sitting on the high peaks of the Sierra, overlooking the deserts and ranges of Nevada to the eastward," in the summer of 1866, Gardiner later recalls, "we worked out the general outlines of the 4oth-parallel survey-work.

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