Biography of My Lord Hanuman

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Independently Published, Mar 9, 2019 - 25 pages
Hanuman ji (Sanskrit: Hanuman, Aanjney and Maruti) head of the most popular concepts and the most important persons in the Indian epic Ramayana worship God (God's devotion to Hinduism). He is God known 11th Shiva Rudrawatar, most powerful and intelligent according to some ideas. According to the Ramayana, they are very dear to Janaki. Receive the gift of immortality to the seven sages on this earth, have them bajrangbali. Hanuman avatar happened to Lord Rama's help. Hanuman are numerous stories prevalent G mighty. They way made the friendship of Sugriva with RAM and then massaged demons with the help of apes, he is most famous. According to the accurate calculation of astrologers Hanuman was born 1 crore 85 lakh 58 thousand 112 years ago, and morning yoga final phase Chaitra Purnima on Tuesdays Chitra constellation and Capricorn ascendant in Tretayug according Locommanyta 6:03 pm in India today Jharkhand state was in a cave in the small mountain village of herons name of Gumla district. these are known as bajrangbali because their body Vj Was like. They are known as wind-son. Air or wind (wind god) was instrumental in bringing Hanuman. Meaning of Marut (Sanskrit: Mrut) air. Nandan means son. According to Hindu mythology Hanuman "Maruti" means "Marut son Nandan" (wind).Mahavir Hanuman is said to be the 11th Rudra Avatar of Lord Shiva and he is the exclusive devotee of Lord Shri Ram. Hanuman ji took birth in the monkey caste. His mother's name is Anjana (Anjani) and his father is Vanaraj Kesari. For this reason, they are called by names like Aanjaya and Kesarinandand etc. On the other hand Hanuman ji is also called Pawan SonHanuman was also contribute Pawan Dev after birth. Once the king of Ayodhya, Dasaratha were fire Putreshti with their wives. The fire was being a son. After the fire end Gurudeva gave a little share in the offerings of sweet three queens.A portion of the pudding was a crow taking place along where Anjani mother was doing penance. It's all God was going to Shiva and desire Vayu. Austerity that came when the task at hand Anjana he assumed understand offering her Shiva. Similar offerings because of Hanuman was born.Understanding fruit sun by HanumanFor after their birth to the day his mother fruit were they left the ashram. When hungry baby Hanuman they consider fruit grow are sun began fly fishing in the sky. Wind also run very fast for their support. The sun god did not burn them innocent child understand his fast. When Hanuman rushed to catch the sun, the time Rahu wanted to eclipse the sun. Hanuman touched Rahu when the top of the sun, he ran scared out there. He "Devaraj to go and complain to Indra! You had me on the sun and moon as a means to calm your apps. Today is the day of the moon when I saw they were to suffer the sun second Rahu is going to catch the sun. " From listening to the Rahu were Indra nervous and with him went toward the sun. Seeing Rahu Hanuman came down on the left Sun Rahu.

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