Biomechanics for Life: Introduction to Sanomechanics

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Springer Science & Business Media, Mar 31, 2011 - Medical - 132 pages
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The reader will find in this book a new approach to improving health. The author has called this approach “sanomechanics,” combining the Latin sanus (healthy, sound) and mechanicus (science of the motion of bodies subjected to forces). The focus of sanomechanics is on exercising with an understanding of the biomechanical consequences of the actions. This understanding is based on the author’s theory of the floating skeleton, which postulates a hydraulic connection of synovial joints. The theory explains the greater or lesser success of any exercise utilizing the ability of the human skeleton to absorb and transform forces and moments from the body segments and the environment. This ability vanishes with age and illnesses, and the deeper our understanding of the nature of skeletal functioning is, the better we shall be able to improve, protect, and prolong the skeleton’s health.

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I started reading, and didn't put it down until I was done (except to exercise periodically, as the book recommends!). Now it's my go-to reference whenever I'm feeling a little stiff. The principles are so clear that everybody can apply them to their daily routine. I stretch my neck and back sanomechanically now since I work a desk job. Somebody else, with arthritis or trying to prevent arthritis, might prefer exercising the fingers or wrists. Whatever the body part, the criterion of correctness and ideas of visualization and floating skeleton will guide the practitioner to a healthier state. The illustrations are also very helpful. Highest recommendation from this reviewer.  

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This book is fantastic; I read it with great interest. The author provides an in depths explanation of the functioning of the human skeleton and its underlying mechanisms. It is a thorough and comprehensive scientific book, yet is it easy to understand for a layman. It offers in depth step by step explanations for exercises as well as lots of pictures and diagrams. The idea of the floating skeleton introduced by the author seems to be very productive and I believe my exercises became much more effective and sensible when I included the criterion of correctness of exercises into my routine. I highly recommend this book for everyone who is interested in improving their exercise practice and for those who experience problems with joints.  

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