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DIANE Publishing, 1996 - 41 pages
A complete bibliography on the issues of commercialization & economics in biotechnology. Includes: cost benefit analysis, market research, forecasting, economic impact, market trends, etc. Each of the 209 entries includes: title, author, language. An abstract is included for some books. Subject & author indices.

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Page 10 - Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on the Biosafety Results of Field Tests of Genetically Modified Plants and Microorganisms : May 11-14, 1992, Goslar, Germany : edited by R.
Page 25 - Plants," 1991 World Congress on Cell and Tissue Culture, June 16-20, 1991, Anaheim, California. Includes references. Language: English Descriptors...
Page 2 - ... control: making it work. 4. Regulation of biological control agents. Tolin, SA NABC-rep (3): p.238-242. (1991) In the series analytic: Agricultural biotechnology at the crossroads: biological, social and institutional concerns. Descriptors: biological-control-agents; regulation-; usa31.
Page 14 - Ex Ante evaluation of the economic impact of agricultural biotechnology: The case of porcine somatotropin: Comment.
Page 6 - Rhodes, p. 265-278; 1990. (Proceedings of the Phytochemical Society of Europe ; 30). Paper presented at the 'International Symposium on Secondary Compounds in Plant Tissue Cultures,' December, 1988, London, UK. Literature review. Includes references. Language: English Descriptors: Plants; Capsicum frutescens; Capsaicin; Secondary metabolites; Biosynthesis; Cell culture; Immobilization; Bioreactors; Biotechnology; Industrial applications; Literature reviews; Production economics; Economic viability...
Page 15 - NAL Call No: A00035 Flavr Savr tomatoes cleared for approval; will be commercially available in 1993. Summit, NJ : CTB International Pub. Co. Biotechnology news v. 12 (26): p. 3; 1992 Oct23. Language: English Descriptors: USA; Lycopersicon esculentum; Genetic engineering; Usda; Regulations...
Page 16 - Genetic mapping of the bovine genome using deoxyribonucleic acid-level markers to identify loci affecting quantitative traits of economic importance.

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