Biotechnology: Backlog of Patent Applications : Briefing Report to Congressional Requesters

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U.S.G.A.O., 1989 - Biotechnology - 41 pages

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Page 1 - James H. Scheuer Chairman Subcommittee on Natural Resources, Agriculture Research and Environment Committee on Science, Space, and Technology US House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515 Dear Mr.
Page 8 - In discharging its duties, the Patent and Trademark Office examines applications and grants patents on inventions when applicants are entitled to them; it publishes and disseminates patent information, records assignments of patents, maintains search files of US and foreign patents and a search room for public use in examining issued patents and records. It supplies copies of patents and official records to the public. Similar functions are performed relating to trademarks.
Page 4 - ... unless you publicly announce its contents earlier, we plan no further distribution of this report until 7 days from the date of this letter. At that time, we will provide copies to the Secretaries of the Departments of Transportation and Defense, the Administrator, FAA, and other interested parties. If you have any further questions on these matters, please contact me at 275-7783. Sincerely yours. Herbert R. McLure Associate Director Figure 1 Percentage of MAC Contract Airlines Selected for...
Page 1 - ... September 28, 1990 The Honorable Ron Wyden Chairman, Subcommittee on Regulation, Business Opportunities, and Energy Committee on Small Business House of Representatives Dear Mr. Chairman: As requested in your April 4, 1990, letter, and subsequently agreed with your office, we updated our report on the large backlog of unprocessed biotechnology patent applications at the US Patent and Trademark Office...
Page 17 - ... that the development of the technology will be significantly impaired if examination of the patent application is delayed, including an explanation of the basis for making the statement.
Page 12 - OF THE DOMESTIC COPPER INDUSTRY September 1988 This study better defines the relative importance of the various technical and economic issues that contributed to the decline in competitiveness of the domestic copper industry, and identifies...
Page 17 - ... one copy of each of the references deemed most closely related to the subject matter encompassed by the claims, and (5) a detailed discussion of the references pointing out how the claimed subject matter is distinguished over the references.
Page 8 - ... patent applications to decide whether the inventions described and claimed there are entitled to patent protection. On the average, there are 13 examiners per art unit and between 6 and 7 art units per examining group.
Page 2 - The level of technical scrutiny required to process an application for a biotechnology patent exceeds that required to process patents in most other area of technology.
Page 10 - ... what is found. It is not uncommon for some or all of the claims to be rejected on the first action by the examiner; relatively few applications are allowed as filed. Applicant's Response The applicant must request reconsideration in writing, and must distinctly and specifically point out the supposed errors in the examiner's action. The applicant must respond to every ground of objection and rejection in the prior Office action (except that a request may...

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