Biotechnology and the Challenge of Property: Property Rights in Dead Bodies, Body Parts, and Genetic Information

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Routledge, 2016. gada 15. apr. - 392 lappuses
Biotechnology and the Challenge of Property addresses the question of how the advancement of property law is capable of controlling the interests generated by the engineering of human tissues. Through a comparative consideration of non-Western societies and industrialized cultures, this book addresses the impact of modern biotechnology, and its legal accommodation on the customary conduct and traditional beliefs which shape the lives of different communities. Nwabueze provides an introduction to the legal regulation of the evolving uses of human tissues, and its implications for traditional knowledge, beliefs and cultures.


Table of Statutes
The Nature Uses and Meaning of Property
Biotechnology and the Property Jurisprudence on the Human
Statutory Limitation of Property Right in the Human Body
Cultural and Ontological Contexts of Biotechnology and
Corpse and Skeletal Remains
Impact of African Mortuary Law on Scientific and Biomedical
DNA Banks and Proprietary Interests in Biosamples
Property and Traditional Knowledge

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Par autoru (2016)

Remigius N. Nwabueze is City Solicitors' Educational Trust Lecturer in Property Law, at the University of Southampton, UK. He has published in the areas of Regulatory and Ethical Issues in Biomedical Research or Bioethics, Medical Law and Torts.

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