Bird-keeping, by the author of 'Domestic pets'.

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Strona 1 - UNDER THE GREENWOOD TREE' UNDER the greenwood tree Who loves to lie with me, And turn his merry note Unto the sweet bird's throat; Come hither, come hither, come hither: Here shall he see No enemy But winter and rough weather. Who doth ambition shun And loves to live i...
Strona 7 - ... over the steepest mountains and deepest rivers, and in her glorious career looks with contempt upon those high steeples and magnificent palaces which we adore and wonder at; from which height I can make her to descend by a word from my mouth (which she both knows and obeys), to accept of meat from my hand, to own me for her master, to go home with me, and be willing the next day to afford me the like recreation.
Strona 156 - Distinct Volumes. Compiled and Edited by JE CARPENTER, Twelve Years Public Reader, Lecturer, and Entertainer at the Principal Literary Institutions in Great Britain.
Strona 82 - moults," — which is generally in July or August, according to the heat of the weather — all you need to do is, to keep him quiet and free from draughts. Being a cheerful, lively bird, there is no need to have him covered up, but do not let him be unduly excited. Give him a very small quantity of raw beef, scraped, and moistened with cold water, once a week ; occasionally, a little yolk of hard-boiled egg; and now and then a piece of sponge-cake, and ripe chickweed in full flower. Nature will...
Strona 156 - Two Volumes (each sold separately). Sunday Readings > in Prose and Verse^ Edited and arranged by JE CARPENTER. Devoted in the main to Sacred Literature, but blended with Moral and Instructive Pieces of a Secular Character, all by Eminent Authors. In Five Volumes crown 8vo, cloth extra, each $$0pp., price 201.
Strona 11 - Falco subbuted) are true Falcons, and though but small birds, possess great courage and are of rapid flight. The Merlin was considered a very excellent bird for hawking, and was much used to fly at partridges and other small birds. It is easily tamed and exceedingly docile. An amusing anecdote is told by Mr. Knox of a wild Merlin who was his daily companion while snipe-shooting in Ireland, following him from one marsh to another, and always watching for a wounded bird to which he could give chase...
Strona 156 - Clubs, and all kindred Societies, and for the General Reader, Compiled and Edited by JE CARPENTER, TWELVE YEARS PUBLIC READER, LECTURER, AND ENTERTAINER AT THE PRINCIPAL LITERARY INSTITUTIONS IN GREAT BRITAIN.

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