Birds For Dummies

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John Wiley & Sons, May 23, 2011 - Pets - 364 pages
"Filled with the information every bird-owner...needs." Joel Murphy, DVM, ABVP, author of How to Care For Your Pet Bird Praise for Birds for Dummies(r) "Squawk about this! A lighthearted...informative book about the care and maintenance of our fine-feathered friends." - Gary A. Gallerstein, DVM, author of The Complete Bird Owner's Handbook "At last - a book that contains more than just pretty bird pictures. This was fun to read. It is clear, concise, factual, useful, and understandable." -Linda Biggi, owner, Bird Gardens

Full-color guide to pet birds inside!

"You will not be disappointed." Walter Rosskopf, Jr., DVM, Dipl. ABVP Certified in Avian Practice Get the word on birds! From finches and canaries to conures and macaws, this friendly guide describes the species that make the best pets, explains how to select the bird who's best for you, offers tips on bonding with your feathered friend, and provides expert advice on feeding and grooming.

Discover how to: Choose the right bird for your budget and lifestyle Create a bird-friendly environment Minimize noise and mess Keep your bird groomed, fit, and healthy Bond with your bird

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Avian polyomavirus
Proventricular dilation disease
Aspergillosis and candidiasis
Supportive Care
Home care
Giving medication
Chapter 11

Icons Used In This Book
Some Final Words on Pronouns and Your Pets
How to Reach Us
Part I
Chapter 1
Dont Know Much about History? Read On
Our enduring involvement
Are You Really Ready for a Bird?
Shelling out the bucks
Dealing with the noise and mess
Exploring Avian Cyberspace
Chapter 2
What Are You Looking for in a Bird?
Considering size
Mess and more mess
Talking ability
How much is that birdie in the window?
Considering the Species
The handsoff color and song birds
Small parrots
Mediumsized parrots
Large parrots
Toucans mynahs and some others
Chickens ducks geese peafowl and turkeys
Chapter 3
Considering WildCaught versus CaptiveRaised
Telling the Girls from the Guys
Checking Up on a Birds Good Health
Making Mature Decisions about Age
Weighing the pros and cons of baby birds
Considering the prospects of older birds
Finding a Reputable Source
Pet shops
Protecting Your Rights
Part II
Chapter 4
A Cage to Call Her Own
Bigger is better
Wood you buy metal please?
A checklist for cage quality
The timeout cage
Cage to go
Perch Perfect
Playstands and Gyms
Dishes and Waterers
Toys? Keep em Coming
Clearing the Air
CleanUps Made Easy
Preventing messes
The Best of the Rest AccessoryWise
Chapter 5
Starting the Relationship Right
Setting Up the Cage
Settling In
Managing Introductions
Other birds
Building Trust through Training
Rules for you
Teaching the stepup command
Taming the wild ones
A Basic Regimen
Setting up for cleaning
Everyday cleanups
The big clean
Chapter 6
Raising Generations of JunkFood Junkies
Enter the Pelleted Diet
Chicken feed? It isnt that easy
The revolution moves slowly
Nutrition the Short Course
Fruits and vegetables
Food for people and other pets
What about vitamin and mineral supplements?
Practical Plans for Converting Your Birds Diet
Birds of a Slightly Different Feather
Chapter 7
Translating Bird Body Language
The eyes have it
Say what?
Beak bulletins
Wing things
Tail tales
Posture primer
Getting a Handle on Your Bird
The parrot popsicle
Meet Mr Towel
Practicing Good Grooming
Clipping wings
Raining down with showers baths and misting
Bird Care When You Cant
Can your bird go with you?
Part III
Chapter 8
More than Just Beautiful
The beak
A birds eye view
The better to ear you with
Beautiful functional feathers
A leg to stand on times two
Finding Your Inner Bird
The cardiopulmonary system
The gastrointestinal system
Chapter 9
Preventive Care Is the Best Care
What your bird wont tell you and why
More arguments for preventive care
A ThreePart Plan for Preventive Care
Starting with a healthy bird
Proper care and nutrition
Working with the pros
Finding the Right Veterinarian
Why any veterinarian may not be right for your bird
Special care for a special pet
Whos out there and what are they offering?
Chapter 10
Birds Are Birds Not People Not Dogs
Home Care Fallacies
First Aid Basics
So whats an emergency?
Whom to call where to go
What to do in what order
Emergency The veterinarians role
Infectious Diseases That Panic ParrotLovers
Tiny beings big problems
Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease
Pachecos parrot disease
Why Birds Are Living Longer
New views on nutrition
The veterinary contribution
Health and the Older Bird
Chronic malnutrition
Heart disease
Euthanasia options
Dealing with loss
What If You Go First?
Part IV
Chapter 12
A Framework for Good Behavior
Ensure Your Birds Health
Be Fair to Your Bird
Create a suitable environment
Spend time in positive interaction
Get that bird a job
Be Firm with Your Bird but Gently
Becoming top bird
ProblemSolving Troublesome Behaviors
Biting and other forms of aggression
What If You Cant Fix the Problem?
Chapter 13
Companion Birds or Breeders?
Are you breeder material?
Rules to Live By
Choosing Compatible Pets
Species and gender issues
Size and temperament issues
The Joy and Challenges of Breeding
Til death do us part
Setting up your love birds
The Awesome Egg
Natural incubation
Artificial incubation
Raising the Babies
Handfeeding and socializing
Weaning and fledging
Part V
Chapter 14
Birds Are LowMaintenance Pets
Birds Are HighMaintenance Pets
Birds Are Fragile
A HandFed Bird Makes a Better Pet
Seed Is the Best Diet for Birds
Birds Get Mites Easily
Birds Catch Colds from People
A Sick Bird Is a Dead Bird
Lovebirds Will Die of Loneliness If Not Kept in Pairs
Chapter 15
The Physical Examination
Caging and Husbandry Review
The Right Nutrition
Behavioral CheckUp
Guideline for MultiBird Households
Screening for Bacteria
A Couple More Diseases Maybe
What and Who Are You?
A Shot for Birdy?
Chapter 16
Where Do You Get Your Birds?
How Many Birds Do You Sell a Year?
What Are the Terms of the Sales Contract and PostPurchase Warranty?
What Are Your References?
How Old Is This Bird?
Does This Bird Have Any Medical Problems Past or Current?
Does This Bird Have Any Behavioral Problems?
How Have You Socialized This Bird?
What Have You Been Feeding This Bird?
May I Visit and Get to Know the Bird Before Buying?
Chapter 17
Fun for Kids and Adults Too
Behavior Help and Then Some
Enrapt over Raptors
Help Us Get Home
Meet Alex the Star
Its Academic
Birds of a Feather Flocking Together
The Source for Health
Remembering Birds in Need
And a Flock of Others
Chapter 18
Budgies Parakeets
Quaker Parakeets
Poicephalus Parrots and Parrotlets
Pionus Parrots
Pyrrhura Conures
Amazon Parrots
PeachFaced Lovebirds
Chapter 19
YumYum Little Birdy
Flying Is for the Birds
Bird on the Loose
Inhalant Dangers
Plants Not for Nibbling
Foods That Shouldnt Be Shared
Metals That Are Like Heavy Man
Maybe Some Medicine Will Help?
Watch Where You Step
A Shocking Surprise
Chapter 20
Consider the Possibilities
Make a Contact List
Make Sure Your Bird Carries an ID
Make and Trade BirdCare Files
Collect Food and Supplies
Keep a First Aid Kit Fully Stocked
Plan Plan Plan and Practice
Keep a Lost Bird Kit Ready
Be Prepared to Help Others
Chapter 21
What Would We Do without the Guy Who Walks into the Pet Store?
Will We Ever Get Out of the Pet Store?
If You Thought That One Was Silly
Take a Cruise with Us
A Little Respect Please
Elementary My Dear Watson
Veterinary and Aviculture Groups
Conservation Groups
Color Insert
The Anatomy of Flight
Canaries and Other Finches
Three Popular Pet Birds
A Tale of Two Conures
Pick a PintSized Parrot
Were Talking Chatty
The Overshadowed Amazons
Big and Beautiful Birds
Turnabout Is Fair Play

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About the author (2011)

Gina Spadafori is the pet-care columnist for the Universal Press Syndicate and the award-winning author of Dogs For Dummies(r) and Cats For Dummies(r). Brian L. Speer, DVM, Dipl. ABVP ECAMS, is president of the Association of Avian Veterinarians.

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