Black Sun

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Chipmunkapublishing ltd, Jun 1, 2011 - 171 pages
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DescriptionBlack Sun started life as a disintegrated bits and pieces things which was jumbled in Durmush's mind in the minds of the cretins and in the minds of the silent screams which is dyslexia. Reading a Cloak of Incompetence which she is doing for her degree set her mind into the right direction. She started to see how to get the jumbled thoughts coherent and clear it became a two narrative with a clear strong detective. The detectives' world is really the cretins world and the cretins are clever for they are cunning. When the detective does something to the evidence it is meant to be funny and it is but you decide if it makes sense for that is what has been bothering Juri Gable and the rest of the former teachers. If it was not for their teachings these books would not have been as clear as now still hear their words as write these words. Black Sun is the schizophrenic world of the schizos and it is a world where of course feelings are more important and got the title from Laing's Divided Self and got the ideas from reading all those Jung's and Freud and of course Szasz . Is there mental illness and of course is there such a thing? Well it is supposed to be so because what have been those sufferings but illness? Or were they to do with art? Of course as Laing says VAN Gogh entered that portals and so many artist have but what portals? What dimensions what is art? What is insanity what is it all about? After 14 books know nothing don't ask just read on. It is a world where nothing is as it seems that need a detective to find clues to what is actually happening.. What is going on why are things happening as they do? Just don't know read on and the power of the imagination is so strong it will guide you. Imagine a world filled with material things imagine how sick that world can be so sick it makes everyone vomit imagine a world filled with existence with loathing without love and respect just business just doing the chores just being in existence. That is schizophrenia. And Laing was right about schizophrenics about their lives and of course being mad is suffering so much such deep suffering you could go mad just by trying to imagine what schizophrenics sees and feels but not many can see that so don't worry don't want to be a depressive that would be awful. So everyone bears what they can, nothing less and nothing more we all have to be what we can and if not it is not the end it is a new beginning. Life is great and it is exciting and as the morning mists comes out of its hiding a world made of cakes and candy and lizards and dust settles on the hands and woman that is I responds with a mop and brush and read more books just to get the tension right and as a feeling of wonder comes at me from every direction there is love for words, colour and of course life. About the AuthorDurmush was born in 1959, she has written 14 books and translating her first book into Turkish I Sit In the Light. She has done two films one recently with Helen Mellidew who freelances for Channel Four. Durmush has learnt that by keeping busy she keeps schizophrenia at bay but sometimes it is difficult, for the same living conditions are present the same difficulty only she has grown stronger more capable and more herself. Being Turkish is not the problem being British is not the problem it is being a woman that is and being a minority within a minority. She spends her days actively studying psychology for she is doing her second degree and hopes to see it through she loves reading psychology books and finds it hard trying to juggle all that into one little world. She gets up early in the morning about 4. 5 a.m she does this because life is too short she has to make up for lost time. When she was really ill she used to sleep all day long and all night now she loves hearing the early birds twittering and the smell of the morning and the sunrise. Her mother is disabled and she has to clean the house, do the shopping and sometimes e

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