Black Tide: Awakening of the key

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Angel Gate, 2004 - Comics & Graphic Novels - 208 pages
A spoiled prince, a cocky military brat and a girlfriend who could kick both their butts, are forced together to overcome their fears, fight evil and right the wrongs they left behind.Thousands of years ago an ancient land called Atlantissuddenly crumbled apart and sank into the sea. It's existence is now a mere legend, a myth, and the Atlanteans would like to keep it that way. Living among us, they recreated their realm by combining ancient wisdom with new age technology.Thriving covertly, deep beneath the subterranean shelf, theAtlanteans monitor us, but rarely co-mingle with mainlanders. History has taught them that destructive influences can devastate a civilization...and they will not be caught off-guard again. Meanwhile, as the leader of an elite international blackops team called the Deceivers, Justin Braddock is one of the good guys. Using intelligence and martial arts instead of guns and explosives, he fights high-crime and terrorism every day. His instincts lead him. A sense of urgency drives him. In his heart, he's always felt like he is an old-soul. Of course, it's justone of those new age terms he'd heard somewhere. Justindidn't have a clue it could actually be true...until today. An accidental reunion with an old love tosses him into a mix of secretive friends and dangerous enemies from his past. Justin doesn't remember them. He'd been haunted by nightmares since he was a kid, but he never believed they were real. Now, taken into the mysterious fortress of Atlantis, he discovers not only was he one of them, he was their greatestnemesis...Villonious, the most powerful villain of ancient civilization. Suddenly bombarded with brutal, violentmemories, Justin must now struggle with the reality of who he was and decide which man he will become. Contains the first eight issues from the comic book series. A complete story arc.

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About the author (2004)

BLACK TIDE comic book series is linked to the BLACK TIDE RISING novel series. The novels, set during the main characters teen years, contain clues that are discovered in the comic book which is set years later during their young adult years. By reading both series, the reader becomes a detective, uncovering a subplot as interesting as the stories themselves. Also, the reader will see how the lives of the three main characters intertwine even before they meet - as fate pushes them toward a common destiny.

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