Blood Line

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Noble Romance Publishing LL, 2008
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Truck driver Joshua Kaine and his wife, Jessie, enjoy the freedom of the open road, until the night Josh is attacked by a rabid dog. Josh kills the animal, but his and Jessie's troubles have only just begun.
Following the attack, Josh becomes deathly ill, but three weeks later he's feeling much better - much stronger - much more alive. When the moon rises full and bright, Josh experiences the change for the first time, his body morphing into that of a large, gray wolf. His appetite - for both food and sex - is enormous, and he spends every waking moment feeding his hunger.
Jessie doesn't know what's come over her husband, but she's not complaining. At least, not until a clan of werewolves comes after her and her family, intent upon seeking revenge for the death of their leader.
From a remote mountaintop to the swamps of Louisiana, Josh searches for a solution to their dilemma, but time is running out. When the absolute worst happens, Josh is forced to turn the tables and the hunted becomes the hunter.
When she woke, she switched the light on and looked at the clock. Nine hours had slipped by and she needed to get the truck on the road. She shook Josh, but he didn't respond.
"Come on, we've got to get going," she said and shook him harder. He moaned and she moved her hand to his face and felt the heat on his brow. He was running a fever. She slid from beneath the covers, and threw on her clothes. Rummaging through the first-aid kit, she found a bottle of fever reducer and filled a glass of water from one of the jugs.
"Josh, baby, here, you need to take these."
He opened his eyes and she helped him lift his head enough to swallow down the medicine, then she pulled back the bandage to get a look at his wound.
"Holy shit. Dammit. I told you. You need to go to the doctor; it's infected." Her stomach tightened with worry as she examined the pussy, red-ringed wound.
"No," he murmured. "No doctor."
"Look, you're sick and you won't be able to drive or anything else in this condition. I'm getting you to a doctor."
He grabbed her hand, squeezing it hard. "No doctor," he whispered again and kissed the back of her hand.
"Okay, okay," she said. Josh hated doctors, had an irrational fear of them. "But if you aren't better by the time we make this drop, you go to the doctor, understand?"
"Mmmm-hmmm." He moaned, whether in agreement or not, Jessie couldn't tell.
And she didn't care. She would make sure he saw a doctor-one way or the other.
Leaving him lying in the sleeper, she climbed back into the cab and got the truck ready to roll. Pulling out of the parking lot, she made the easy maneuver onto the freeway.
The drive to Memphis was uneventful, but as she backed the semi into the dock, Josh still hadn't woken up.
She sat with him while she waited for the truck to be unloaded, mopping his fevered brow with a wet cloth. She forced him to take two more pills, and decided she had waited long enough.
When the truck was unloaded, she drove to a truck stop, parked the rig in the first slot she found, and used her cell phone to call a cab.
A short while later, they arrived at the hospital, and Jessie gave the doctor a brief description of their encounter with a vicious dog. After the exam, the doctors admitted Josh, hooking him up to an IV filled with antibiotics. Then they waited.
Two endlessly long days passed before Josh opened his eyes again.

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