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Trafford Publishing, Jun 1, 2004 - 2224 pages
I had no dreams of ever joining the United States's 1.66 million prisoner population, nor a vision of being a notorious drug kingpin or a recruited hitman (when I was honorably discharged from our powerful US Navy). Yet in my own lust for a better financial life status, I put myself in what I call today "the devil's playground." My new job as a chauffeur and bodyguard led me almost to death row. In the pursuit of riches, I tangled myself in a net filled with violence, shoot-outs, betrayals and murder. My life was spared, thanks to the fervent prayer of my dear mother, from numerous contracts on my life. As I stood before the justice tollbooth, seeking justice, mercy was granted and after serving 12 years in the Bureau of Prisons, I returned to society with the knowledge of the true riches of this life! Then the material things that I wanted were granted through my two successful businesses, "The Gifted Cutters Barbershops." To GOD be the glory! This is a true story. Over fifteen murders are mentioned and the names have not been changed. Warning: this book will inspire you to never give up. "God's help is within you." SAY NO TO DRUGS OR DRUGS WILL SAY NO TO YOU! - Robert Vidal.

A Great Inspiration
After reading this book, I wanted to share Robert's experiences with my seventh grade students. Robert writes that he wants to 'save [schoolchildren] from the life that [he] lived and warn them of the dangers of drugs.' Robert accomplished this goal by speaking to 160 of my seventh grade students and making them realize that a life of drugs and violence is not as glamorous as they might believe. My students were so amazed by Robert's speech that they wrote him letters to thank him for sharing his story. I look forward to having Robert speak to more students, in hopes that he can help influence them into choosing the right path in life.

- Christina Silveria

Vidal 's story=A blockbuster motion picture!... The book was recommended by a good friend of my--who Knew Vidal during those scarface days, and who still keeps in touch today with him.(He told me after reading the book-- that Vidal left out more than sixty percent of other crimes and related stories.) Vidal's story is a rollercoaster ride in the world of crime, power, sex and $money. WOW! This story belongs in the big screens. ASAP!

- Mike Garcia, April 3, 2003

An insider's view of a so-called glamorous life It was a quick and interesting read, and really showed the nasty insider view of a so-called glamorous life. I'm happy that Robert was able to survive all of that and turn his life around. He is truly blessed to be alive. His story should be turned into a screenplay and get some big screen exposure. It is a life lesson that would hopefully help others to steer clear of the wrong path in life.

- N Chavez, January 21, 2003

A MUST READ! HIS STORY IS SHOCKING, MOVING, INSPIRATIONAL... A REAL LIFE TONY SOPRANO MEETS HIS DESTINY AND RETURNS TO SOCIETY WITH ALL THE GOOD HUMAN NATURE HAS TO OFFER. THIS WILL MAKE A EXCELLENT MOVIE! This book is a must read- for anyone who is caught-up in the world of crime and violence--that there is a way out.... Reading Vidal's story of complete transformation of where he "was" and where he is "today"--is a true miracle! EXCELLENT!! GREAT JOB! GREAT READING!

- J. Guzman, November 7, 2002

I first met Robert in East Side High school,in Newark NJ. We got along but weren't close friends then. Our neighborhood was called the Ironbound. As the name suggests,that section of Newark was separated the rest of the city and other towns by rail and the Newark Bay. So we for the most part had little interaction with the rest of Newark, and neighboring communities. This forged bonds of friendship and personal loyalties that went beyond casual. As we got ol

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