Blue Bonnet's Ranch Party

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1st World Library, Dec 31, 2007
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BLUE BONNET put her head out of the car window for the hundredth time that hour, and drew it back with a sigh of utter exasperation. Uncle Cliff, she declared impatiently, if The Wanderer doesn't move a little faster I'll simply have to get out and push! Better blame the engine, Honey, said Uncle Cliff in his slow, soothing way. The Wanderer is doing her best. Might as well blame the wagon for not making the horses gallop! I know, she confessed. But it seems as if we'd never get to Woodford. This is the longest-seeming journey I ever took-even if it is in a private car. Then, fearing to appear inappreciative, she added quickly: But I do think it is mighty good of Mr. Maldon to let us take his very own car. I can just see the We are Sevens' eyes pop right out when they see this style of ravelling.

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