Boardroom Renaissance: Power, Morality, and Performance in the Modern Corporation

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In the past quarter century the forces of globalization have opened up markets everywhere. Canadian corporations are now being forced to compete against the best-managed enterprises in the world. To the extent that they do so effectively the Canadian economy and the Canadian standard of living will flourish; to the extent that they do not, both will suffer.The responsibility for ensuring effective corporate leadership in the changing environment is falling more and more on the board of directors. Boardroom Renaissance focuses on the evolving role of directors in the modern corporation through addressing such issues as: -who should govern the corporation -how boards should be organized to have influence -the appropriate relationship between the board and the CEO -what directors should do in the face of an unfriendly takeover bid -the characteristics of Canadian directors -why personal ethics do not always guarantee ethical corporate performance -why regulatory agencies are often directors' best friends -the changing nature of corporate social responsibilities -the fiduciary responsibilities of directors to all shareholders and stakeholders Boardroom Renaissance provides businessmen, stakeholders, policy makers, special interest groups, professional advisers and students with a wide-ranging review and analysis of the origins, operations and potential of the modern corporation. It is an indispensable guide to anyone who wishes a clear understanding of power and performance of boards of directors and the significance of their activities to the future of the Canadian economy.

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