Bobbins of Belgium: A Book of Belgian Lace, Lace-workers, Lace-schools and Lace-villages

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BOBBINS OF BELGIUM- A BOOK OF BELGIAN LACE, LACE WORKERS, LACE-SCHOOLS AND LACE-VILLAGES by CHARLOTTE KELLOGG. Contents include: CHAPTER PAGE Preface 15 Introduction 25 I. Turnhout 49 II. Courtrai 79 III. Thourout-Thielt-Wynghene ... 97 IV. Grammont 127 V. Bruges 143 VI. Kerxken 169 VII. Erembodeghem 189 VIII. Opbrakel 201 IX. Liedekerke 215 X. Herzele 231 XI. Ghent 247 XII. Zele 265 XIII. Appendix 275 Index 307 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS FACING ? AGB H. M. QUEEN ELIZABETH OP BELGIUM, Frontispiece FIFTEENTH CENTURY PORTRAIT .... 32 Showing heavy brocade as yet unrelieved by linen or lace trimming. PORTRAIT OF CHARLES IX ( 1570) .... 33 Linen collar showing picot edge made with the needle. PORTRAIT TOWARDS END OF SIXTEENTH CENTURY-40 Showing collar ornamented with bobbin made cluny. ANNE OF AUSTRIA BY VAN DYCK .... 41 About 1635, cluny lace made with bobbins. ABBE BERRALY SCHOOL, TURNHOUT ... 56 General view. NINE-YEAR CHILDREN MAKING POINT DE PARIS . 57 POINT DE PARIS CLASS 64 On dark days lamps are lighted behind bot tles filled with water, the rays passing through, fall in spotlights on the cushions. WINDING BOBBINS FOR THE CHILDREN ... 65 POINT DE LILLE, OR POINT D'HOLLANDE . . 72 Mesh showing Esprits or dots character istic of this bobbin lace. END OF A POINT DE PARIS SCARF ABOUT 2$ 4 YARDS LONG ON WHICH COLLETTE WORKED ONE YEAR 73 IN THE ABB BERRALY SCHOOL, COLLETTE, 16-YEARS OLD, WORKS WITH 1,000 BOBBINS . . 73 BELGIAN LACE MESHES ( Plate I) . .80 After Pierre Verhagen in La Dentelle Beige. BELGIAN LACE MESHES ( Plate II) ... 81 After Pierre Verhagen in La Dentelle Beige. 9 10 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS FACING PAGE BOBBIN LACES 88 Malines, Point de Paris, Valenciennes. CUSHION COVERREPRESENTING BELGIUM'S GRATI TUDE TO AMERICA FOR BREAD ... 89 Point de Paris lace combined with linen. The lower right-hand centerpiece shows the rose design, emblem of Queen Elizabeth. BOBBIN LACES 104 Torchon, Cluny, Old Flemish, Binche. TABLE CLOTH SHOWING ARMS OF THE ALLIES . IDS Cut linen with squares of Venise sur rounded by filet and cluny; Venise made with the needle; cluny with bobbins. A MARIE ANTOINETTE IN CHANTILLY LACE . 128 Made with bobbins, near Grammont. CUSHION COVER 129 Center Venise, borders Valenciennes, lace executed by 12 workers in one month, embroidery and mounting by four women in two months; design by M. de Rudder. TEA GOTH 129 Point de Paris, cock design. LACE MAKERS OF BRUGES 144 BRUGES AND SIMILAR BOBBIN LACES . . .145 LACE NORMAL SCHOOL J BRUGES. BEGINNER'S CLASS 152 Symbolic color pattern on left-hand easel; demonstration bobbins attached to colored threads at right. BED COVER IN DUCHESSE OR BRUSSELS LACE . . 153 Made with bobbins; executed in Flanders by 30 women in three months; design by the Lace Committee. ROSALINE, WHICH CLOSELY RESEMBLES BRUGES, 160 DETAILS FOR BRUGES LACE 160 Made with bobbins on round cushion. DOILY SET IN POINT DE PARIS IN THE

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