Boiler Accessories: A Complete and Authoritative Treatise on the Various Accessories of the Boiler Room and Engine Room Essential to Economical Operation, Together with Practical Instruction in Their Use

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American School of Correspondence, 1909 - Steam-boilers - 123 pages
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Page 109 - The analysis of the flue gases is an especially valuable method of determining the relative Value of different methods of firing or of different kinds of furnaces. In making these analyses great care should be taken to procure average samples, since the composition is apt to vary at different points of the flue.
Page 105 - ... calculation of the results of the test corrected accordingly. Wherever possible, the test should be made with standard coal of a known quality. For that portion of the country east of the Alleghany Mountains, good anthracite egg coal or Cumberland semibituminous coal may be taken as the standard for making tests. West of the Alleghany Mountains and east of the Missouri River, Pittsburg lump coal may be used.
Page 105 - Have an understanding with the parties in whose interest the test is to be made as to the character of the coal to be used. The coal must be dry, or, if wet, a sample must be dried carefully and a determination of the amount of moisture in the coal made, and the calculation of the results of the test corrected accordingly.
Page 106 - The conditions of the boiler and furnace in all respects should be, as nearly as possible, the same at the end as at the beginning of the test. The steam pressure should be the same; the water level the same; the fire upon the grates should be the same in quantity and condition; and the walls, flues, etc., should be of the same temperature.
Page 105 - ... feed pipes, should be disconnected, stopped with blank flanges, or bled through special openings beyond the valves, except the particular pipe through which water is to be fed to the boiler during the trial. During the test the blow-off and feed pipes should remain exposed to view.
Page 107 - ... and note this time as the time of starting the test. Fresh coal, which has been weighed, should now be fired. The ash-pits should be thoroughly cleaned at once after starting. Before the end of the test the fires should be burned low, just as before...
Page 107 - If the boiler is not connected to the same steam-pipe with other boilers, an extra outlet for steam with valve in same should be provided, so that in case the pressure should rise to that at which the safety-valve is set, it may be reduced to the desired point by opening the extra outlet, without checking the fires.
Page 55 - Hancock" inspirator. To inject water to the boiler, first open overflow valves 1 and 3; close valve 2; and open starting valve in the steam pipe. When the water appears at the overflow, open 2 one quarter-turn, close 1, and then close 3. The inspirator will then be in operation. When the inspirator is not working, open both 1 and 3 to allow water to drain from it. Both temperature and quantity of delivery water can be varied by increasing or decreasing the water supply. When the water in the suction...
Page 108 - Keeping the Records. The coal should be weighed and delivered to the fireman in equal portions, each sufficient for about one hour's run, and a fresh portion should not be delivered until the previous one has all been fired. The time required to consume each portion should be noted, the time being recorded at the instant of firing the first of each new portion.

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