Bonsai: Nature in Miniature

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Shufunotomo/Japan Publications, 2000 - Gardening - 128 pages
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The art of bonsai, together with that of ikebana or Japanese flower-arrangement, originated in Japan and is now admired throughout the world. Among the lovers and admirers of bonsai are many who find infinite pleasure in growing their own bonsai? The satisfaction of creating with their own hands the beauty of nature in miniature. Although there are several publications on bonsai, very few books have been published for beginners.

This book is designed to equip those who wish to embark upon growing their own bonsai with the knowledge and skills to do so. To this end, we have included as many photographs and illustrations as possible in the hope of giving the reader a complete and comprehensive explanation of the pleasurable and rewarding art of bonsai growing.

You will find outlined in this book every step, from the basics of how to choose a tree, what fertilizer to use and when to water, to the more skilled techniques such as wiring the branches of your tree into the desired shape. This book will be a practical help and welcome companion to all those who desire to grow bonsai, emphasizing both the growing techniques and the pleasures to be gained from viewing your plant as a work of art.

Bonsai changes with the seasons, so will give the grower enjoyment throughout the year-a pleasure that cannot be obtained from growing flowers in the garden. And, as it grows older, the more your bonsai will come to exhibit the beauty of its full-sized counterpart in nature. This is the pleasure that the authors wish to share with as many people as possible.

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un livre excellent d'un maître absolu du bonsaï japonais. à lire absolument pour qui veut progresser.

About the author (2000)

KYUZO MURATA was born in 1902 in the historical city of Takayama in Gifu Prefecture, deep in the mountains of central Japan. Although he entered Tokyo's elite Keio University, he was forced by illness to leave before graduating. Having always had a great interest in bonsai, after his recovery he decided to devote himself completely to the art of bonsai growing. In 1926 Kyuzo moved to Omiya City, Saitama Prefecture, where he established the Kyuka-en Bonsai Garden. Here he grew many high-quality bonsai. Kyuzo was the Highest Councillor to the Japan Union of Bonsai Growers and also Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Kokufu Bonsai Association until his death in 1993.

ISAMU MURATA, Kyuzo Murata's son, was born in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture in 1936. In 1959 he began to study the art of bonsai at Kyuka-en and since 1993, following the death of his father, has run Kyuka-en. Today Isamu continues to raise bonsai and to promote the art that he loves, based on a new sense that suits the modern era. His books include Four Seasons of Bonsai (Kodansha), Bonsai of the Imperial Family (Mainichi Shimbunsha), and A Guidebook to Wildflowers (Kodansha).

Kyuka-en was established by Kyuzo Murata between 1926 and 1931 in Bonsai-machi, a section of Omiya City. Even now, the shelves of Kyuka-en display a large variety of bonsai throughout the year, all created with great devotion. The general public is free to visit Kyuka-en and see the bonsai.

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