Book of the Covenant (2nd Edition)

Front Cover
Eloquent Books, 2012
This Book of The Covenant (BTC) is an Integrated Translation and Transliteration (ITT) of the Hebraic Scriptures, including the Messianic Testimonies and Letters (NT). It is a structured preservation and restoration of its essential Hebraic context. This is achieved primarily through the transliteration of doctrinally crucial terminologies from their contextual Hebraic root words. This process is particularly vital to the Messianic Testimonies and Letters as recorded / translated in Greek. Theological traditions had erroneously assumed (in conjunction with the Greek Septuagint translation) that Greek was a replacement or overriding linguistic foundation for the study and interpretation of pertinent Scripture terminologies. This had resulted in the establishment or evolution of doctrines and religious systems which are incongruent to the Hebraic Scriptures. This BTC Integrated Translation and Transliteration facilitates the restoration and study of the Scriptures in their original and proper Hebraic context and framework. Amongst the most crucial terminologies being restored through transliteration are the proper Titles and Names of the "only true GOD" (ADONAI YAHWEH) as well as that of HIS Messiah (Adon YAHshua). The final outcome of such a disciplined and objective ITT process is the sheer clarity to otherwise long outstanding issues as "Who is the GOD of the Bible?" and "What is the relationship between YAHWEH and HIS Messiah YAHshua.

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