Bookkeeping, Introductory Course

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Ginn, 1912 - Bookkeeping - 126 pages
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Page v - Interest, on the other side, each item in the second column. 10. Sold EC Bartlett on account : 6 bbl. Pork at $15 10 bbl. Beef at $18.25 11. Sold Howard Stetson on account : 12 bbl. Beef at $18.75 15 bbl.
Page xi - Interest is the compensation allowed by law or fixed by the parties for the use, or forbearance, or detention of money.
Page 97 - The Term of Discount is the time from the date of discount to the maturity of the paper.
Page xvi - Any person whose property becomes liable to administration under the bankruptcy laws. Bill of Lading. A receipt of a transportation company, containing an account of the goods shipped and the conditions of shipment. Bill of Sale. A writing given by the seller of personal property to the buyer. Board of Trade. In the United States, a voluntary organization of business men for the advancement of commercial interests. Bona Fide. In good faith. Bond. A written promise under seal, binding a person to...
Page 32 - ... sides of the account, the inventory included. This difference is the loss. 3. Enter the loss on the credit side, in red ink, under Loss and Gain. 4. Rule and foot the account. 5. Bring the inventory below the rulings, on the debit side, in black ink, under Feb. 1. 6. Transfer the loss to the debit side of the Loss and Gain account, in black ink, under Jan.
Page xix - First class. Acct. or acct. . . Account. Acct. Cur. . . . Account Current. Acct. Sales . . Account of Sales. Adv. or adv. . . Advertisement. Agt Agent. AM Before noon; Master of Arts. Amt Amount. App Appendix. Asst Assistant. Atty Attorney. Av. or Ave. . . Avenue. Bal Balance. B. B Bill Book. bbl Barrel.
Page xv - COMMERCIAL TERMS DEFINED Acceptance. The name of an accepted draft; an agreement, by signature, to the terms named in the draft. Account Current. An open or a running account; a detailed statement of transactions between two persons or two firms. Account Sales. An itemized statement of sales and expenses, rendered by a commission merchant to his principal. Acknowledgment. A formal admission, made before a notary or other qualified officer, that the act...
Page xvi - One who acts for or in place of another by authority from him; a substitute, a deputy, appointed by principal with power to do the things which principal may do.
Page 95 - The amount of the check is for the balance in the bank. Make the check payable to Self and pass it in. No entry is required. Proceed with your bank account as you did at the close of March. Before closing the books hand them to the instructor for inspection and approval. Record the following in the journal, in the usual form, at the cost price : INVENTORIES, APRIL 30, 19 — Merchandise : 30 bu. Dwarf Beans 50 bu. Millet 20 bu. Clover Seed 60 bu. Oats 200 bu. Field Corn 60 bu. Spring Rye 45 bu. Garden...
Page 97 - A note dated Jan. 28, 29, 30, or 31, at 1 mo., will mature on Feb. 28 (leap years excepted); but a note with any of the dates just noted at 30 da. will mature on Feb. 27, 28, March 1, or 2, respectively.

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