Books for Boys and Girls: A Selected List

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American Library Association Publishing Board, 1915 - Children - 108 pages

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Page 79 - Now, with my little gun, I crawl All in the dark along the wall, And follow round the forest track Away behind the sofa back. "There in the night where none can spy, All in my hunter's camp I lie, And play at books that I have read Till it is time to go to bed. "I
Page 90 - Called to face Some awful moment to which Heaven has joined Great issues, good or bad for human kind, Is happy as a Lover; and attired With sudden brightness, like a Man inspired; Or
Page 45 - Many haps fall in the field Seldom seen by wishful eyes, But all her shows did nature yield, To please and win this pilgrim wise. He saw the partridge drum in the woods; He heard the woodcock's evening hymn; He found the tawny thrush's broods; And the shy hawk did wait for him.
Page 111 - Our children shall behold his fame, The kindly, earnest, brave, foreseeing man. Sagacious, patient, dreading praise, not blame, New birth of our new soil, the first American.
Page 82 - Mappe: he seeing me somewhat curious in the view thereof, began to instruct my ignorance, by shewing me the diuision of the earth into three parts after the olde account, and then according to the latter, and better distribution, into more; he pointed with his wand to all the knowen Seas, Gulfs, Bayes, Straights, Capes,
Page 84 - You have seen the scarlet trees, And the lions over seas; You have eaten ostrich eggs, And turned the turtles off their legs. Such a life is very fine, But it's not so nice as mine: You have curious things to eat, I am fed on proper meat.
Page 82 - down to the sea in ships, and occupy by the great waters, they see the works of the Lord, and his woonders in the deepe, &c. which words of the Prophet together with my cousins discourse (things of high and rare delight to my young nature) tooke in me so deepe an impression, that I constantly
Page 82 - Right Honorable, I do remember that being a youth, and one of her Majesties scholars at Westminster that fruitfull nurserie, it was my happe to visit the chamber of M. Richard Hakluyt my cosin, a Gentleman of the Middle Temple, well knowen unto you, at a time when I found lying open upon his boord certeine
Page 55 - The fruitage of this apple tree Winds, and our flag of stripe and star, Shall bear to coasts that lie afar, Where men shall wonder at the view, And ask in what fair groves they grew.
Page 27 - I give you the end of a golden string, Only wind it into a ball,— It will lead you in at Heaven's gate, Built in Jerusalem's wall.

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