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Pagina 64 - Specimens of Gothic Architecture, consisting of Doors, Windows, Buttresses, Pinnacles, &c. with the Measurements, selected from Ancient Buildings at Oxford, &c. ; Drawn and Etched on sixty-one Plates. By F. Mackenzie and A.
Pagina 31 - MEDALLIC HISTORY of Napoleon, a collection of all the Medals, Coins, and Jettons, relating to his actions and reign, from the year 1796 to 1815, (with the Supplement) royal 4to.
Pagina 73 - Idée générale d'une Collection complète d'Estampes, avec une dissertation sur l'origine de la gravure et sur les premiers livres d'images...
Pagina 70 - La vision parfaite ou le concours des deux axes de la vision en un seul point de l'objet. Avec figures. Paris 1677. Folio. Frz. M. 20. — 141 Chevallier, T., The study of mathematics as conductive to the development of intellectual powers. Durh. 1836. gr. 8».
Pagina 85 - Anecdotes of the Manners and Customs of London from the Roman Invasion to the year 1700...
Pagina 48 - Imitations of Ancient and Modern Drawings from the Restoration of the Arts in Italy to the present Time, with a Chronological Account of the Artists and Strictures on their Works in English and French.
Pagina 5 - CALENDARS of the ancient charters, &c. and of the Welch and Scotish Rolls, now remaining in the Tower of London : as also calendars of all the treaties of peace, &c.
Pagina 18 - MAGAZINE; containing PORTRAITS of Eminent and Ingenious Persons, of every Age and Nation, with their Lives and Characters.
Pagina 60 - DESIGNS for the DECORATION of ROOMS in the various STYLES of MODERN EMBELLISHMENT; with Pilasters and Friezes at large. On 20 Folio Plates, Drawn and Etched by G. COOPER, Draughtsman and Decorator.
Pagina 63 - The Martial Achievements of Great Britain and Her Allies from 1799 to 1815 (coloured vignette) London: Printed for Js.

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