Borderline Diseases: A Study of Medical Diagnosis with Especial Reference to Its Surgical Bearings, Volume 2

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D. Appleton and Company, 1915 - Diagnosis

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Page 476 - ... five and ten years, thirteen between ten and twenty years, sixteen between twenty and thirty years, fifteen between thirty and fifty, and four between fifty and seventy. Males bore to females the proportion of five to two.
Page 432 - A disease or disorder affecting the brain, characterized by recurrent paroxysms which are abrupt in appearance, variable in duration but generally short, and in which there is impairment or loss of consciousness, together with impairment of motor co-ordination, with or without convulsions.
Page 277 - It is better adapted for use as a functional test than any other drug previously employed for the same purpose, on account of its early appearance in the urine and the rapidity and completeness of its elimination by the kidney and the reliance to be placed on its findings.
Page 278 - The test has proved of great value in revealing the true renal condition in cases of urinary obstruction. It is here of more value than the urinary output, total solids, urea or total nitrogen, and enables the surgeon to select a time for operation when the kidneys are in their most favorable functional condition. The improvement in the renal condition in cases of urinary obstruction following the institution of preliminary treatment is strikingly indicated by this test.
Page 416 - For the further consideration of this subject the reader is referred to the special works upon the ear.
Page 604 - Group I. Cases of dyspituitarism in which not only the signs indicating distortion of neighboring structures but also the symptoms betraying the effects of altered glandular activity are outspoken. "Group II. Cases in which the neighborhood manifestations are pronounced but the glandular symptoms are absent or inconspicuous. "Group III. Cases in which neighborhood manifestations are absent or inconspicuous though glandular...
Page 89 - Of the remaining 158 cases from the stomach, 5 were ulcers with enough microscopic appearance of aberrant epithelial proliferation to place them in the doubtful class as possible transition cases. Of the remaining 153 cases, which were undoubted carcinoma, 109 (71 per cent.) presented sufficient gross and microscopic evidence of previous ulcer to warrant placing them in a group labeled "carcinoma developing on preceding ulcer.
Page 278 - In unilateral and bilateral kidney diseases the absolute amount of work done by each kidney as well as the relative proportion can be determined when the urines arc obtained separately.
Page 413 - A focal lesion in the pons, damaging the nucleus, is likely to cause facial paralysis upon the same side as the lesion and a paralysis of the arm and leg on the opposite side (crossed paralysis).
Page 261 - ... common bile ducts into a continuous channel, only under exceptional conditions, such as struggling or vomiting, would it be possible to inject bile into the pancreatic duct under sufficient pressure to produce pancreatitis. In order to determine whether it would be possible for the sphincter to convert the common bile duct and the pancreatic duct into a continuous channel, as has been suggested by Archibald, the sphincter at the end of the common bile duct was examined in four species in which...

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