Born Again: The Year and Events That Changed America Forever! Election 2000 and September 11th

iUniverse, 2002 - 228 sivua
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Election 2000 and September 11th. This is a chronicle of the life-changing events that covered the period October 2000 through October 2001. A time when a foreign army of religious fanatics declared war against our economy, our military, our sovereignty, and our culture. A war, as President Bush has said, between the forces of good and evil! And it marked the moment America came of age, and truly changed forever!

"God's hand was on the 2000 Florida presidential vote and recount. His intervention placed George W. Bush as America's Commander in Chief for the terrorist attack on 9-11. Judge Moroz was a witness to these events and relates them in a personal and patriotic manner."
-Senator Eric Johnson, Georgia Senate Republican Leader

"'Born Again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible .'-KJV Bible
Politics are only as corrupt as the people of whom it consists. True American politicians are those who understand sacrifice by the denial of self for others. Such is this story written from the uncorrupted heart of a true American patriot!"
-Mayor Deborah Hase, Mayor of St. Marys, Georgia

"Judge Hal Moroz-Patriot and Defender of Freedom, Semper Fidelis!"
-Lt. Col. Oliver North, USMC Ret.

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