Bottomline: Good Men Do Evil Deeds

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AuthorHouse, 2007 - Fiction - 344 pages
In the ever-recurring passage of the ages, as life, civilizations, cultures and humanity's awareness have evolved, a message has been eternally whispered in man's ear; a continuum of Divine Revelation has unfolded essential to the next pending chapter in the Book of Life, bearing a profound vision of mankind's spiritual heritage.The message contained in this Ageless Wisdom has been one of hope and promise; of a future fulfillment and the possibility of attaining an ecstatic, Unified termed Heaven, Nirvana, Mecca or Paradise, awaiting mankind at the end of his spiritual journey. The Divine Knowledge (Gnosis) explored in the trilogy, One Solitary Life embodies the coordinates of the Path of man's evolution toward divinity, leading to the attainment of man's Spiritual Legacy; union with the Divine. This Book One of the trilogy, The Vision the Journey and The Quest, begins the unfolding of an arcane teaching whose origin is lost in antiquity, and yet is profoundly relevant today. It sets the stage for an exploration of the nature of man's soul and its pilgrimage, by addressing the spiritual principles that have been handed down throughout the ages in the form of the world's varied religions and philosophies. It speaks to the "Mysteries" that are at the heart of Creation. It puts into context and bold relief the role& Christianity and the rest of the world's religions have played in this unfolding cosmic scenario and explores their contradictions and inequities. One Solitary Life, starting with the pristine arcane teaching that has perennially given birth to diverse religions and philosophies; each competing for man's mind and heart, and each professing an absolute interpretation and stewardship of life's inherent meaning; explores the Universal Verities that are the heart and soul of all true religious discourse. It journeys in Book Two through comprehensive levels of metaphysical reality and arrives, in Book Three, at the ultimate consummation of the mystical Path of Light, as personified by Christ.

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