Bought and Paid for: A Story of To-day

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Grosset & Dunlap, 1912 - American fiction - 339 pages
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Page 347 - Against the familiar background of American town life, the author portrays a group of people strangely involved in a mystery. " Doc." Gordon, the one physician of the place, Dr. Elliot, his assistant, a beautiful woman and her altogether charming daughter are all involved in the plot. A novel of great interest, HOLY ORDERS. By Marie Corelli. A dramatic story, in which is pictured a clergyman in touch with society people, stage favorites, simple village folk, powerful financiers and others, each presenting...
Page 17 - Her glossy hair was cluster'd o'er a brow Bright with intelligence, and fair and smooth; Her eyebrow's shape was like the aerial bow, Her cheek all purple with the beam of youth, Mounting at times to a transparent glow, As if her veins ran lightning...
Page 352 - THE MAN FROM BRODNEY'S. The hero meets a princess in a far-away island among fanatically hostile Musselmen. Romantic love making amid amusing situations and exciting adventures. NEDRA. A young couple elope from Chicago to go to London traveling as brother and sister.
Page 347 - ... problems that we are now struggling with in America. KATRINE. By Elinor Macartney Lane. With frontispiece. Katrine, the heroine of this story, is a lovely Irish girl, of lowly birth, but gifted with a beautiful voice. The narrative is based on the facts of an actual singer's career, and the viewpoint throughout is a most exalted one. THE FORTUNES OF FIFI. By Molly Elliot Seawell. Illustrated by T. de Thulstrup. A story of life in France at the time of the first Napoleon. Fifi, a glad, mad little...
Page 348 - GROSSET & DUNLAP'S LIST REALISTIC. ENGAGING PICTURES OF LIFE THE GARDEN OF FATE. By Roy Norton. Illustrated by Joseph Clement Coll. The colorful romance of an American girl in Morocco, and of a beautiful garden, whose beauty and traditions of strange subtle happenings were closed to the world by a Sultan's seal. THE MAN HIGHER UP. By Henry Russell Miller. Full page vignette illustrations by M. Leone Bracker. The story of a tenement waif who rose by his own ingenuity to the office of mayor of his...
Page 352 - Chicago to go to London traveling as brother and sister. They are shipwrecked and a strange mix-up occurs on account of it THE SHERRODS. The scene is the Middle West and centers around a man who leads a double life. A most enthralling novel. TRUXTON KING. A handsome good natured young fellow ranges on the earth looking for romantic adventures and is finally enmeshed in most complicated intrigues in Graustark. GROSSET & DUNLAP, 526 WEST 26th ST., NEW YORK GROSSET & DUNLAP'S Great Books at Little Prices...
Page 352 - American woman, her imprisonment in an old castle and the adventures created through her rescue. COWARDICE COURT. An amusing social feud in the Adirondacks in which an English girl is tempted into being a traitor by a romantic young American, forms the plot. THE DAUGHTER OF ANDERSON CROW. The story centers about the adopted daughter of the town mnrshal in a western village.
Page 351 - ... piece of humor has appeared for years : it is American to the core. THE CRISIS. Illus. by Howard Chandler Christy. A book that presents the great crisis in our national life with splendid power and with a sympathy, a sincerity, and a patriotism that are inspiring. The several scenes in the book in which Abraham Lincoln figures must be read in their entirety for they give a picture of that great, magnetic, lovable man, which has been drawn with evident affection and exceptional success.
Page 352 - GEORGE BARR McCUTCHEON GRAUSTARK. A story of love behind a throne, telling how a young American met a lovely girl and followed her to a new and strange country. A thrilling, dashing narrative. BEVERLY OF GRAUSTARK. Beverly is a bewitching American girl who has gone to that stirring little principality — Graustark — to visit her friend the princess, and there has a romantic affair of her own. BREWSTER'S MILLIONS. A young man is required to spend one million dollars in one year in order to inherit...
Page 349 - Horton s powerful romance stands in a new field and brings an almost unknown world in reality before the reader — the world of conflict between Greek and Turk on the Island of Crete. The " Helen" of the story is a Greek, beautiful, desolate, defiant — pure as snow.

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