Boulder Canyon Project Adjustment Act. Hearings ... on S. 4039 ... May 28-31, June 3, 1940

1940 - 122 pages
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Page 20 - Administrator to be issued hereunder and for such purpose the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to use as a public debt transaction the proceeds from the sale of any securities issued under the Second Liberty Bond Act, as amended...
Page 21 - ... the Secretary of the Interior, subject to the terms of the Colorado River compact hereinafter mentioned, is hereby authorized to construct, operate, and maintain a dam and incidental works in the main stream of the Colorado River at Black Canyon or Boulder Canyon adequate to create a storage reservoir of a capacity of not less than twenty million acre-feet of water...
Page 86 - States, it operates only the dam and outlet works, and the power plant is operated by the bureau of power and light of the city of Los Angeles and the Southern California Edison Co., severally, as lessees.
Page 26 - An Act appropriating the receipts from the sale and disposal of public lands in certain states and territories to the construction of irrigation works for the reclamation of arid lands...
Page 20 - All redemptions, purchases, and sales by the Secretary of the Treasury of such notes or other obligations shall be treated as public debt transactions of the United States.
Page 14 - Nothing herein shall be construed as interfering with such rights as the States now have, either to the waters within their borders or to adopt such policies and enact such laws as they may deem necessary with respect to the appropriation, control, and use of waters within their borders, except as modified by the Colorado River compact or other interstate agreement.
Page 20 - ... in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, and thereupon to the extent of the amount so paid the Secretary of the Treasury shall...
Page 22 - SEC. 4. (a) This Act shall not take effect and no authority shall be exercised hereunder and no work shall be begun and no moneys expended on or in connection with the works or structures provided for in this act, and no water rights shall be claimed or initiated hereunder, and no steps shall be taken by the United States or by...
Page 64 - Under the provisions of the Boulder Canyon Project Adjustment Act, the city of Los Angeles, and the Southern California Edison Co., as agents for the United States, operate and maintain certain powerplant machinery and pertinent facilities.
Page 21 - California, the expenditures for said main canal and appurtenant structures to be reimbursable, as provided in the reclamation law, and shall not be paid out of revenues derived from the sale or disposal of water power or electric energy at the dam authorized to be constructed at said Black Canyon or Boulder Canyon, or for water for potable purposes...

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