Bracton and His Relation to the Roman Law: A Contribution to the History of the Roman Law in the Middle Ages

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J.B. Lippincott & Company, 1866 - Civil law - 170 pages

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Page 139 - ... made use of the horse contrary to the trust he was lent to him under, and it may be if the horse had been used no otherwise than he was lent, that accident would not have befallen him. This is mentioned in Bracton, ubi supra. His words are : "Is autem cui res aliqua utenda datur, re obligatur, quae...
Page 140 - ... incursu, consumpta fuerit, vel deperdita, subtracta vel ablata. Et qui rem utendam. accepit, non sufficit ad rei custodiam, quod talem diligentiam adhibeat, qualem suis rebus propriis adhibere solet, si alius eam diligentius potuit custodire; ad vim autem majorem, vel casus fortuitos non tenetur quis, nisi culpa sua intervenerit. lit si rem sibi commodatam domi, secum detulerit cum peregre profectus fuerit, et illam, incursu hostium vel prcedonum, vel naufragio, amiserit, non est dubium quin...
Page 139 - Roman law very naturally found an easy and early reception into a law which had not developed rules of its own in such matters. Even in Glanville we find that the commentary upon
Page 140 - ... his honesty. A fortiori he shall not be charged, where they are stolen without any neglect in him. Agreeable to this is Bracton, lib. 3, c. 2, 99, b.
Page 56 - The reader, instead of getting the impression that sometimes domestic and sometimes foreign materials are presented to him, finds before him the picture of an indivisible homogeneous whole, in which the Roman elements are no longer merely Roman law, but have become integral parts of the leges et consuetudines...
Page 102 - Praeterea quod per alluvionem agro tuo flumen adjecit, jure gentium tibi adquiritur. Est autem alluvio incrementum latens. Per alluvionem autem id videtur adjici, quod ita paulatim adjicitur, ut intellegere non possis, quantum quoquo momento temporis adjiciatur.
Page 60 - ... was incumbent to instruct the inferior judges in regard to the law in doubtful and omitted cases. A legal principle enunciated by that court had authority beyond the particular case in which it was laid down, and became, by means of its actual use, part of the jus non scriptum^ cotutietudinariwn.
Page 140 - Creditor, qui pignus accepit, re obligatur, et ad illam restituendam tenetur ; et cum hujusmodi res in pignus data sit utriusque gratia, scilicet debitoris, quo magis ei pecunia crederetur, et creditoris quo magis ei in tuto sit creditum, sufficit ad ejus rei custodiam diligentiam exactam adhibere, quam si prsestiterit, et rem casu amiserit, securus esse possit, nee impedietur creditum petere.
Page 172 - Pertinent enim ad liberum tenementum jura sicut et corpora \ jura sive servitutes diversis respectibus. Jura autem sive libertates dici poterunt ratione tenementorum, quibus debentur. Servitutes vero ratione tenementorum a quibus debentur 2, et semper consistunt in alieno et non in proprio, quia nemini servire potest suus fundus proprius...

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