A Dog's Eye View of Life with Humans

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Random House of Canada, Limited, Apr 6, 2010 - Dogs - 288 pages
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Dog advocate and human-being life coach Brad Pattison brings his innovative, tough-love training and in-your-face counselling skills to the page.

Whether you're just getting started on training your new pup, looking to take your good relationship with your dog to a higher level, or trying to correct negative dog behaviours, Brad Pattison's book will provide DIY training material that underlines how you can teach your dog to be a healthy, happy member of your family. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of Pattison's established training techniques, anchored by real-life success stories and focus dogs. Examples of chapter titles: Dog Speak: Harnessing Canine Communication Methods to Enhance Interspecies Relations; Coddled Canines: The Dangers of Heavy Petting and the Best Methods for Rewarding Your Dog; and Co-Evolution: Raising the Bar and Strengthening the Bond.

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As a professional dog trainer and a Veterinary Technician since the 80's it saddens me to see such "fluff" still being printed. The 'dominance theory' in the dog world has long been debunked, by one of the very people who first published it. Operant conditioning is not only a more humane method of training and rehabbing dogs that have had abusive methods used on them as it builds trust, not submission and fear. Starting a puppy with violence, intimidation, leash jerks, and yelling inhibits a puppy's natural desire to learn, by being rewarded for doing the correct thing, not punished for doing some unknown to it 'wrong' thing. Brad likes to punish dogs, rather then teach them.
With so many excellent sources of dog training, behavioural studies including body language, and reactions, it is sad that Pattison refuses to 'get with the real world', and advance his education. He has lots of ego sadly, little education, and less responsible methods of dog training then writers of 50 years ago.
I highly recommend reading the real 'rock stars' of the dog training world... Dr Ian Dunbar, Karen Pryor, Jean Donaldson, Terry Ryan, Pam Dennison...etc

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About the author (2010)

BRAD PATTISON is an animal trainer and human-being life coach who has been professionally remedying dog behaviour for over fifteen years. He uses revolutionary techniques derived from his studies of domesticated dogs, wolves and coyotes, and his unique methods involve communicating with dogs in a way they understand — through body language. He focuses on the effects that human relationships have on pets: learning how to properly assert your alpha status and training your dog in REAL LIFE situations. Best known for his TV series,At the End of My Leash, Pattison also founded Vancouver's Yuppy Puppy Dog Day Care Inc., pioneered the first Street Safety training program for dogs and facilitates courses that certify other dog trainers. His "Six Legs to Fitness" workout program for owners and their dogs has been featured on Discovery Channel'sDaily Planet. During the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Pattison mobilized friends and created the Pattison Canine Rescue Team, which spent several weeks in Louisiana rescuing dogs from the floods. He lives in Kelowna, British Columbia.

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