Bradbury's Young Shawm

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Mason, 1855 - School songbooks - 159 pages
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Page 16 - Thou know'st that twice a day I have brought thee in this can Fresh water from the brook as clear as ever ran ; And twice in the day when the ground is wet with dew I bring thee draughts of milk, warm milk it is and new.
Page 16 - He took thee in his arms, and in pity brought thee home . A blessed day for thee ! then whither wouldst thou roam ? A faithful Nurse thou hast ; the dam that did thee yean Upon the mountain tops no kinder could have been.
Page 16 - I've heard of fearful winds and darkness that come there ; The little brooks that seem all pastime and all play, When they are angry, roar like lions for their prey. Here thou need'st not dread the raven in the sky ; Night and day thou art safe, — our cottage is hard by. Why bleat so after me ? Why pull so at thy chain 1 Sleep — and at break of day I will come to thee again...
Page 52 - To all the world I give my hand, My heart I give my native land ; I seek, her good, her glory; I honor every nation's name, Respect their fortune and their fame, But love the land that bore me. 121.—
Page 52 - Before all people East or West, I love my countrymen the best; A race of noble spirit ; A sober mind, a generous heart, To virtue trained, yet free from art, They from their sires inherit.
Page 2 - In the body of the work are referred to, instead of mere " exercises/' printed in the elementary department : 2d, Musical Notation In a Nutshell ; or. Things to be taught ; furnishing to the teacher a synopsis of such subjects as he will need to Introduce from lesson to lesson ; 3d, a great variety of new juvenile music.
Page 158 - The relative minor to any major key is found a sixth above it, or is based upon its sixth ; and the relative major to any minor key is found a third above it, or is based upon its third.
Page 51 - BEFORE all lands, in east or west, I love my native land the best...
Page 109 - Singing tra la la la, la la la, Singing tra la la la la la, Tra la la la, tra la la la, Tra la la la la la.
Page 89 - Roses bloom, and then they wither ; Cheeks are bright then fade and die ; Shapes of light are wafted hither, Then, like visions hurry by...

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