Bradley of Essex County, early records, from 1643 to 1746: with a few lines to the present day

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Heritage Books, 1915 - Reference - 212 pages
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Page 61 - ... and die with them all. A party of indians came up with him, and now though they fired at him and he fired at them, yet he manfully kept at the reer of his little army of unarmed children, while they marched off with the pace of a child of five years old, until by...
Page 133 - Isaac stepped softly and tremblingly over the tawny bodies, lest they should awake and discover his design, and secured his master's fire-works, and a portion of his moosemeat and bread ; these he carried to a little distance from the wigwam, and concealed them in a clump of bushes. He then returned, and bending over Joseph, who had all this time been snoring in his sleep, carefully shook him. Joseph, more asleep than awake, turned partly over, and asked aloud,
Page 64 - Prisoners, they bow'd, they fell, they lay down : at their feet they bowed, they fell; where they bowed, there they fell down Dead.* Only one Squaw escaped sorely wounded from them, in the Dark; and one Boy, whom they Reserved Asleep, intending to bring him away with them, suddenly wak'd, and skuttled away from this Desolation.
Page 64 - April 30. while they were yet, it may be, about an hundred and fifty miles from the Indian town, a little before break of day, when the whole crew was in a dead sleep, (reader, see if it prove not so!) one of these women took up a resolution to .imitate the action of Jael upon...
Page 64 - ... at the feet of these poor prisoners they bow'd, they fell, they lay down; at their feet they bowed, they fell, where they bowed, there they fell down dead.
Page 62 - Dustan (with her nurse) notwithstanding her present condition, travelled that night about a dozen miles, and then kept up with their new masters in a long travel of an hundred and fifty miles, more or less, within a few days ensuing...
Page 62 - God who hath all hearts in His own hands, heard the sighs of these prisoners and gave them to find unexpected favor from the master who laid claim unto them. That Indian family consisted of twelve persons: two stout men, three women, and seven children; and for the shame of many an English family that has the character of prayerless upon it, I must now publish what these poor women assure me. 'Tis this: in obedience to the instructions which the French have given them, they would have prayers in...
Page 64 - Siseria; and being where she had not her own life secured by any law unto her, she thought she was not forbidden by any law to take away the life of the murderers by whom her child had been butchered.
Page 63 - And it seems our God would have it so to be. This Indian family was now travelling with these two captive women, (and an English youth taken from Worcester, a year and a half...
Page 61 - Neff, a Widow, a Body of Terrible Indians drew near unto the House, where she lay, with Designs to carry on their Bloody Devastations. Her Husband hastened from his Employments abroad, unto the Relief of his Distressed Family; and first bidding Seven of his Eight children (which were from Two to Seventeen...

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