Brave Laughter

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David Loye, 2007 - Biography & Autobiography - 380 pages
Biography/History/American Humor.The first of six books for an Entertainment and Humor Cycle by the award-winning author David Loye, Brave Laughter is the rousing, witty, and inspiring story of nine generations of an unusual American family. From wildly speculative roots among old European nobility to the booming electronic realities of the early 21st century, through the family stories they passed on from generation to generation unfolds the age-old alternation of comedy and tragedy in the lives of a family distinguished by a fierce independence of mind and a rare gift for story telling.The Early Years covers the stories of the family from a speculative beginning as far back as the Vikings, through colonial times in the New World, the founding and pioneering years for America, to the Civil War. The Lake Settlers focuses on the book's archetypal characters'the widowed wife and five children of the ?the bravest revenue officer? and legendary funny story teller, Moses Tully Sanders, as they move north out of Tennessee and Iowa to settle on a small lake in Minnesota. Though different, at the same time the setting, stories, and adventures of The Lake Settlers are sometimes uncanny real life analogues of Garrison Keillor's Lake Woebegone tales. A third section, The Children of the Lake, tells of the Jazz Age, Depression, World War II, and late 20th century years of the seven radically different children of Moses? son Clarence, the fiercely independent patriarch of his generation. Brave Laughter evokes a haunting sense of the America that once was, but also'through its powerful portrayal and analysis of the nature of humor'a statement of faith in the future. Through the evolution of American humor as a blend of the frontier perspective characterized by Mark Twain and the ancient tradition of Jewish humor that in the 20th century flowered again in America, Brave Laughter not only provides a pioneering tracking of the evolution of American humor but also a new theory for the powerful impact of humor on human evolution.Brave Laughter evokes a haunting sense of the America that once was. But also'through its portrayal and analysis of the nature of humor, pioneering tracking of the evolution of American humor, and a new theory for the impact of humor on human evolution'this book provides a powerful statement of faith in the future.

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Prelude Hanging the Revenooer
One Sanderses and Savages
Two The Bravest Revenue Officer
Three Mama Brother and the Girls
Four Retrospective
Prelude Unk Celebrates the Fourth of July
Five The House on the Hill
Six Lulu and Grace
Seventeen Father and Daughter
Eighteen The Chocolate Cigar
Twenty Retrospective
Prelude The Long Journey Home
Twenty one Wins Memories of the Lake Place
Twenty two Edith and Mabel
Twenty three Sandy and Leigh
Twenty four Dick Betty and Evan

Seven Blanche
Eight A Story Tellers Scrapbook
Nine The Dog from Heaven and the
Ten Tully
Eleven The Tragedy of Donnie and
Thirteen Clarence
Fourteen Strange Antics and Indulgences
Fifteen The Book Man
Sixteen Mother and Father
Twenty five Tully
Twenty six Tully and the Place of Humor
Twenty seven Tullys Burntside Lodge Story
Twenty eight Winnie
Twenty nine The Golden Years
Thirty Retrospective
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DAVID LOYE Behind the books of David Loye lies an unusual career path. While a very young news correspondent with the U.S.Navy in the closing years of World War II, he docked and roamed the same ports in South America that Charles Darwin, as a similarly very young man, visited one hundred years earlier on the famous voyage of the Beagle. He became a television newsman during the Edward R. Murrow days. He wrote the national award-winning The Healing of a Nation and gained his doctorate in psychology in early middle age. While a Princeton and UCLA School of Medicine faculty member, he was the research director for major studies of political values, the use of the brain and mind in prediction, and the impact of movies and television on adults. For the past twenty years he has been mainly involved with other scientists from around the world in development of the new fields of evolutionary systems science, chaos and complexity theory, and in studies of Darwin┐s life and works from these advanced new scientific perspectives. He is a co-founder of two international organizations for advanced evolution studies; a co-founder with his wife and partner┐ evolution theorist and well-known author of The Chalice and the Blade, Riane Eisler┐of The Center for Partnership Studies; and founder of The Darwin Project (, with a Council of more than 50 leading American, European, and Asian scientists, educators, and media activists. Loye is the author of The Leadership Passion, The Knowable Future, The Sphinx and the Rainbow, An Arrow through Chaos, Darwin┐s Lost Theory of Love, and editor of The Evolutionary Outrider: The Impact of the Human Agent on Evolution, and The Great Adventure: Toward a Fully Human Theory of Evolution. Among publishers for his books are Norton, Wiley, Jossey-Bass, New Science Library, Park Street Press, Bantam Books, Delacorte, Praeger, Adamantine, Gordon & Breach, the State University of New York (SUNY Press), and publishers in Japan, China, Italy, the Netherlands, and three publishers in Germany. His new six-book Darwin Anniversary cycle is the product of two decades of work with fellow members of the General Evolution Research Group, of which he was a co-founder, and the International Society of Systems Sciences on advanced studies of evolution. His systems scientific reconstruction of the long ignored ┐rest of Darwin┐┐and its corroboration by progressive biologists and brain, social and systems scientists┐has been hailed by leading scientists and other scholars as a major contribution to our understanding of Darwin, evolution, and the challenge facing our species in the 21st century.

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