Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch: The Science of Slave Psychology

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Rising Sun Publications, 2003 - Psychology - 110 pages
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This book describes, in explicit detail, the brutal mental conditioning methods used on the African during North American slavery, and the psychological aftershock that still wreaks havoc on black men and women in the 21st century. Alvin Morrow bridges some of the many gaps that currently exist among black people through this first-time-ever graphic explanation of the notorious Willie Lynch document. The contents within perform a modern day exorcism by showing every person who reads this writing how to unite, break out, and free themselves from this vicious cycle of history. Don't know who Willie Lynch was? Don't know what his letter said? Don't know why you still suffer? Read this book and find out! (Back cover).

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I have read this book and as a full time black college student that attends a HBCU and works a full time job; there was no way that I wouldn't make time to read this book. This book is amazing and has taught me more than all of my educational institutions combined. Reading this book has truly been a blessing to me and next to the Bible is the greatest book that I've ever chosen to read. There is no way that I will keep such a gift like this book to myself only, but I'm going to buy it and pass it to as many black men and women willing to read it as possible. Had I not read this book I would still remain under the Willie Lynch Syndrome and continue a life of being Psychologically Disrepaired. I no longer watch television over reading because this book has increased my desire and willingness to educate myself rather than entertain myself. I will be an educator of my people and a promoter of my people until the day GOD prevents me to do it any longer. The book Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch by Alvin Marrow is and will always be cherished by me and many others that have been Psychologically liberated by choosing to read this book. Completing this book was one of the most blessed days of my life. Thank you GOD for making this possible and giving Alvin Marrow to the world of readers. My level of consciousness has been raised as a result of this book. 

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This is a book full of unarguable facts regarding the effect of slavery on this current generation of Black America. Gives much greater detail than the, twelve page report entitled the Willie Lynch Letter and the Making of a Slave documented by Kashif Malik Hassan el. Alvin Morrow gives the reader a full 125 pages on the complete science of slave psychology. Make Breaking The Curse Of Willie required reading for all black students. To not have the information in this book is to be truly Mis-educated.  

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