Breathing for Voice Production

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Novello, 1903 - Respiration - 38 pages
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Page 8 - Harnberger, the external intercostal muscles are admitted to be elevators, but the internal are held to be depressors of the ribs. More recently...
Page 73 - ... the Voice 75 25 Lessons. A sequel to the above . . .75 15 Vocalises. A sequel to the above 25 Lessons 75 15 Vocalises for Contralto or MezzoSoprano 75 40 Lessons for Contralto 75 40 Lessons for Bass or Baritone ... .75 Hall, Walter Henry, THE ESSENTIALS OF CHOIR BOY TRAINING Cloth i.
Page 9 - ... than the other. Abdominal respiration predominates in men and in children, and costal respiration in women. In the act of inspiration the diaphragm contracts, and in contracting flattens out and descends, the abdominal viscera are pressed downwards, and the thorax is expanded vertically. In normal and quiet expiration the diminution of the capacity of the chest is mainly due to the return of the walls of the chest to the condition of rest, in consequence of their own elastic reaction, and of...
Page 10 - ... thorax will be bent directly forwards when the muscles of both sides act, or inclined laterally when they act on one side only, or rotated when the external oblique of one side and the opposite internal oblique act...
Page 13 - School, in which it was taught that the abdominal wall should be slightly retracted — that is, that the abdominal muscles should be contracted, and the vault of the diaphragm supported, and that a full inspiration be taken, by which the diaphragm raises and expands the chest.
Page 16 - In the case of women, nature has ordained that she should make use of her intercostal muscles in breathing, so that she may not be embarrassed by the changes that take place in the organs peculiar to her sex ; and for her to violate this law by cultivating abdominal breathing is to defy nature.
Page 13 - In this way a full inspiration is effected, for air rushes in to fill the enlarged space in the lung in the expanded and elevated chest — the elastic force which naturally...
Page 13 - ... all-powerful, so much so that the breath is entirely subservient to their action, and can be emitted quickly or slowly, concentrated or rarified, forcibly or gently, in gusts or prolonged blasts.
Page 73 - FORTY-TWO MELODIC AND PROGRESSIVE VOCAL EXERCISES FOR CONTRALTO, BARITONE OR BASS. Edited, with Marks of Expression and Phrasing, by Alberto Randegger. In two Parts.
Page 18 - ... will be in a position to make the best use of the vocal apparatus, and will be likely to maintain good health.

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