Bridge Whist; how to Play it with Full Directions, Numerous Examples, Analyses, Illustrative Deals, Etc., and a Complete Code of Laws, with Notes Indicating the Differing Practices at the Most Prominent Clubs

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Coates, 1902 - Bridge whist - 203 pages
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Page 173 - ... or deduct three points from his score, or add three to their own score ; II. Can be claimed for as many revokes as occur during the hand ; III. Is applicable only to the score of the game in which it occurs ; IV. Cannot be divided...
Page 163 - If the dealer omit to have the pack cut and the adversaries call attention to the fact prior to the conclusion of the deal and before looking at their cards. g Should the last card not come in its regular order to the dealer.
Page 174 - ... points in the honor column. A revoking side cannot score, except for honors or chicane. 85. A player may ask his partner if he has a card of the suit which he has renounced; should the question be asked before the trick is turned and quitted, subsequent turning and quitting does not establish a revoke, and the error may be corrected unless the question is answered in the negative, or unless the revoking player or his partner has led or played to...
Page 177 - ... suit called, or to win or not to win a trick, fail to play as desired, though able to do so, or if when called on to lead one suit, lead another, having in his hand one or more cards of that suit demanded, he incurs the penalty of a revoke. 77. If either of the dealer's adversaries lead out of turn, the dealer may call a suit from him or his partner when it is next the turn of either of them to lead, or may call the card erroneously led. 78. If the dealer lead out of turn, either from his own...
Page 161 - The pack must not be shuffled during the play of a hand, nor so as to expose the face of any card. CUTTING TO THE DEALER. 10. The dealer must present the pack to his right-hand adversary to be cut ; the adversary must take a portion from the top of the pack and place it toward the...
Page 174 - ... four and pitch, whereupon the card illegally pitched, and any card played to it, must be withdrawn. If the wrong player pitches after the auction is closed, the pitcher may require that card and any card played to it to be withdrawn; and, when first it is the offender's turn to play, the pitcher may require him to play his highest or lowest card of the suit led or to trump or not to trump; except that if the pitcher has played to the incorrect lead, it cannot be withdrawn and the pitcher must...
Page 184 - There must be a new deal if one player holds more than thirteen and another less than thirteen cards, or should the last card not fall in regular succession to the dealer.
Page 185 - If the dealer has to move more than one card, already dealt, in an attempt to rectify an infringement of the law that the cards must be dealt in regular succession, etc.
Page 189 - The adversaries may add the value of three tricks to their score. (2) The adversaries may deduct the value of three tricks from the revoker's score.
Page 175 - An error in the honor score may be corrected at any time before the score of the rubber has been made up and agreed upon.

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