Brief Course in Isaac Pitman Shorthand: An Exposition of the Author's System of Phonography, Arranged in Twenty-seven Lessons ...

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I. Pitman & Sons, 1914 - Shorthand - 174 pages
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I have like the book very much because l am taking shorthand lntensive speed developing. Please help me with a copy of brief course in Isaac Pitman shorthand.

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The date on this book is 1914 and so this version predates the Centenary revision (1917) and the New Era revision (1922). New Era is the version that has been taught since 1922, with the slightly simpler alternative Pitman 2000 being introduced in the 1970's for those not needing the highest speeds. - Beryl Pratt 

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Page 181 - Touch typewriting can be more easily and quickly acquired by going from the outside keys toward the center. It is the natural method of learning the keyboard, and prevents the beginner from being inaccurate. I recommend Mr. Charles E. Smith's 'Practical Course in Touch Typewriting' as the best typewriting text-book for those who wish to become rapid, accurate touch typists.
Page 182 - PITMAN'S DICTIONARY OF COMMERCIAL CORRESPONDENCE IN FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH, AND ITALIAN. This volume which has just undergone a very thorough revision, has been limited to the most common and ordinary terms and phrases of a commercial nature. No intelligent person who has a slight knowledge of the construction of French, German, Spanish, or Italian will find any difficulty in composing a commercial letter in any of these languages, if a proper use of the work is made as directed in the Introduction.
Page 177 - All the words in the dictionary, not exceeding three consonants, were written in Shorthand, and, from this extensive list of outlines has been drawn all words that contain the same outline, and they have been classified according to their forms. Of great aid in reading one's notes. Technical Reporting. 60 pp., 50c. ; cloth, 60c. Comprising Phonographic Abbreviations for words and phrases commonly met with in Reporting Legal, Medical, Scientific, and other Technical Subjects, with type key.
Page 179 - LUlipnt 88 pp., 40c.; cloth, 50c. By DEAN SWIFT. Tales and Sketches. 96 pp., 40c. cloth 50c. By WASHINGTON IRVING ; with printed Key. Robinson Crusoe. 309 pp., 60c.; cloth, 75c. By DANIEL DEFOE. Illustrated. This work is extremely well adapted for use as a shorthand reader, and, in attractive cloth binding, forms a handsome prize volume. The Vicar of Wakefleld.
Page 179 - By CHARLES DICKENS. The Battle of Life. 130 pp., 40c.; cloth, 50c. By CHARLES DICKENS. The Silver Ship of Mexico. 132 pp., 40c.: cloth. 50c. By JH INGRAHAM. The Book of Psalms. 160 pp., 40c.; cloth, 50c. •Self-Culture. 91 pp., 40c.; cloth, 50c. By PROF. BLACKIE. Gulliver's Voyage to LUlipnt 88 pp., 40c.; cloth, 50c.
Page 179 - Pitman's Phonography adapted to Esperanto. Limp cloth, 50c. SHORTHAND READING BOOKS. The student, to increase his speed, and to improve his knowledge of Phonography, cannot read too much well-engraved shorthand. One advantage of studying the Isaac Pitman system — and one which cannot well be over-estimated — is, that the shorthand literature in that system is far in excess of all other systems combined. " We would emphasize still further the wealth of literature the Isaac Pitman system has. ....
Page 181 - Kennedy, Kennedy Shorthand School. Toronto, Canada. Punctuation as a Means of Expression. Its Theory and Practice. By AE LOVELL, MA 50c. This is much more than a mere statement of rules. The author has written an interesting and helpful manual of the subject, that will greatly impress the intelligent student and be much appreciated by all who value clearness and thoroughness in writing. Style Book of Business English.
Page 177 - ... of practice-matter for general dictation. Also chapters on Spelling, Punctuation, Capitalization, and Short Practical Talks with the Amanuensis, etc. This work, which is the most complete dictation course published, is specially compiled for the teacher, the beginner, and the advanced student. All progressive Schools, without reference to the system of Shorthand taught, should insist upon each student procuring a copy. Every teacher of Shorthand or Typewriting will see at a glance the immense...

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