Brief Essays on Orthopaedic Surgery

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D. Appleton, 1898 - Orthopedia - 81 pages

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Page 55 - York, defined orthopedic surgery as that department of surgery which includes the prevention, the mechanical treatment, and the operative treatment, of chronic or progressive deformities, for the proper treatment of which special forms of apparatus or special mechanical dressings are necessary.
Page 67 - To establish and maintain an institution for the treatment of physical deformities, and to give instruction in such treatment, and more especially to afford surgical and mechanical treatment to the disabled and deformed among the poor; ani to establish and maintain a hospital for persons suffering from physical deformities.
Page 55 - He entered the New York Hospital for the Relief of the Ruptured and Crippled, as a student, on the first day it opened its doors.
Page 13 - Section of the New York Academy of Medicine (of which the writer has the honor to be a member) is in no way responsible for them.
Page 9 - Here there is, in direct connection with the institution, a fully equipped mechanical room in which four or five men are constantly employed making apparatus directly under the instructions of the surgeons ; no apparatus is made without a drawing, and careful measurements accompanied by actual outlines, when necessary, are given with every order; no repairs are made except by personal instruction of the surgeons, accompanied by drawings if necessary. A similar shop, supplied with steam power, has...
Page 25 - ... medical man, with ample clinical experience, before he enters the field of Specialism. In short, it seems to the writer that the orthopedic surgeon should take a step in advance of the general surgeon, and that his education should include all that is necessary to make a general surgeon before his study of mechanico-therapy is commenced.
Page 12 - Orthopaedic surgery is placed, by this act, upon the same plane with the other special branches of medicine and surgery, and an important duty is imposed upon those who will assemble in Berlin to participate in the proceedings of this newly created section. It would seem, from the many replies which have been received by the committee in response to the circular letter which was sent to those interested in...
Page 12 - POLLAK remembered the action of the New York Academy of Medicine, in appointing a committee to furnish material to Dr.
Page 15 - Bonnet, Velpeau, Phillips, Duval, Dieffenbach, and Little. The subjects treated by Bigelow, in addition to clubfoot, lateral curvature of the spine, torticollis, etc., include both stammering and strabismus. The operation for the last-named condition has long since been recognized as belonging to the special department of ophthalmology, while the former was long ago abandoned. It seems clear, however, from Bigelow's essay, that, at the date he wrote...

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