Bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth: A Stars of the Scriptures Series

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AuthorHouse, Nov 26, 2008 - Religion - 236 pages
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Bringing The Kingdom of God to Earth presents an easy to understand, simple path for the reader to learn how to allow the constant Radiant Spirit of the God-Being that you are to flow through your human equipment to produce the Kingdom of God on Earth.  As your True Nature, made in the image and likeness of God, replaces your fallen human nature, the creation of the Kingdom of God on Earth automatically comes through your human form into the world of your environment.   Only the True Nature of Man can bring the Kingdom of God to Earth.   Other approaches produce a distortion of the Divine Design that God is sending to Mankind.  The human equipment of Man in the fallen state has distorted the coming of God’s Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.


The author presents a logical approach of the Way to live a Spirit-filled life in a distorted world.   Personal application of the information leads to the revelation that the Truth of person is Spirit, not human form, the vehicle for your Spirit.  The  experience of your spiritual identity as an eternal God-Being in a temporary human form will reveal the Purpose of Man to bring the Kingdom of God on Earth to re-create the Golden Age on Earth as it is in Heaven. 


Explanations are provided in the book as to how each person can be a shining star in one’s individual environment with the result that whole and holy people, God-Beings, are absolutely necessary to create a whole and holy world.  The religions and the scriptures of the world should lead people back to an increased experience of God on this side of the grave, while we are alive and able to build the Kingdom of God through each of us.


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About the author (2008)

                     About The Author


Anthony John Monaco


Anthony John Monaco, a retired health care professional with 50 years of service to sick people, has always been interested in the cause of disease at the physical, mental and emotional levels of individuals.  His scientific background and inquiring mind led him to consider spiritual approaches to health.


He has written extensively about the divinely inspired authors whose teachings were directly responsible for the major religions of mankind.  The Reality of God has been experienced on Earth in the past by these original authors of the Scriptures.  


It is obvious that the literal interpretations of Scriptures of the major religions have not produced the harmony of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  The Author’s symbolic interpretations of these very same scriptures present an alternative path to bring  peace and harmony on Earth. 


His latest book, Bringing The Kingdom of God to Earth, presents the path to his experience of the Covenant-Agreement with God.  Mankind was created to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.  


The Author presents instructions for any individual to depart their human nature and begin to use one’s  Divine Nature to recreate the Divine World.  This is accomplished by serving God’s Spirit into the Earth through your  human equipment of body, mind and heart.   


People, trapped in their human nature, have created the turmoil and chaos in accordance with the Law of Cause and Effect over many generations.  By the intelligent use of this same Law, the Way is described for individuals to re-create the True Design of God sent directly to each of us and, by so doing, return to the Golden Age of Man. 


His book explains in  scientific terms how an individual God-Being in a human body can fulfill the purpose for which you incarnated on Earth.   


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