British Encyclopedia: Or, Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, Comprising an Accurate and Popular View of the Present Improved State of Human Knowledge, Volume 11

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Mitchell, Ames, and White, 1821 - Natural history

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Page 9 - THERE are three points to be considered in the construction of all remedial statutes ; the old law, the mischief, and the remedy : that is, how the common law stood at the making of the act ; what the mischief was, for which the common law did not provide ; and what remedy the parliament hath provided to cure this mischief. And it is the business of the judges so to construe the act, as to suppress the mischief and advance the remedy e.
Page 10 - Hence too it follows, that the infamous and unchristian practice of withholding baptism from negro servants, lest they should thereby gain their liberty, is totally without foundation, as well as without excuse. The lw of England acts upon general and extensive principles : it gives liberty, rightly understood, that is, protection, to a Jew, a Turk, or a Heathen...
Page 11 - It is very probable that the great stratum called the milky way, is that in which the sun is placed, though perhaps not in the very centre of its thickness.
Page 6 - Scotland in parliament, and forty-five members to sit in the house of commons. 23. The sixteen peers of Scotland shall have all privileges of parliament : and all peers of Scotland shall be peers of Great Britain, and rank next after those of the same degree at the time of the union, and shall have all privileges of peers, except sitting in the house of lords and voting on the trial of a peer.
Page 9 - A statute,! which treats of things or persons of an inferior rank, cannot by any general words be extended to those of a superior. So a statute treating of " deans, prebendaries, parsons, vicars, and others having spiritual promotion...
Page 15 - The distance between two points on the surface of a sphere is the length of the minor arc of a great circle between them.
Page 12 - He may and is bound ex officio to pursue and take all traitors, murderers, felons and other misdoers, and commit them to gaol for safe custody. He is also to defend his county against any of the king's enemies when they come into the land...
Page 23 - To this head may also be referred the practice of what is called a set-off: whereby the defendant acknowledges the justice of the plaintiff's demand on the one hand, but on the other sets up a demand of his own, to counterbalance that of the plaintiff, either in the whole or in part...

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