British and Foreign Medical Review: Or Quarterly Journal of Practical Medicine and Surgery, Volume 20

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Page 175 - of this kind have now been collected in several different districts where the disease is prevalent or endemic, and Dr. Falck has done much to supply this want in the countries, the illustration of which he has undertaken. ART. XVII. Lectures on subjects connected with Clinical Medicine, comprising Diseases of the Heart. By PM LATHAM, MD &c.
Page iii - inaug. med. quam scripsit CAROLUS PHILIPPUS FALCK . 168 Thesis on the Endemic Bronchocele of Nassau and the electorate of Hesse. By CP FALCK. ART. XVII.—Lectures on subjects connected with Clinical Medicine, comprising Diseases of the Heart. By PM LATHAM, MD . . .175
Page 288 - Transactions of the Provincial Medical and Surgical Association. Vol. XIII. 8vo. pp. 418. 3. Chemistry, Meteorology, and the Function of Digestion, considered with reference to Natural Theology.
Page 70 - appeal to the kidneys by remedies intended to be excreted by them. The best diuretics here will be found in whatever tends to diminish the congested state of the vascular system, and to moderate the action of the heart ; as digitalis, colchicum, and other sedatives, with mild mercurials." (p. 293.) In the justice of these
Page 140 - XII. An Essay on the Philosophy of Medical Science. By ELISHA BARTLETT, MD Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine in the University of Maryland.—Philadelphia, 1844. 8vo, pp. 312. THE purpose of this work is a most laudable one—the advocacy of careful and accurate observation of the phenomena of disease, as the
Page 66 - affected, loss of memory being sometimes more or less present. Well-marked dyspeptic feelings are always complained of. Indeed, in most of the cases in which I have been consulted, I have been generally told that the patient was ailing, losing flesh, health, and spirits, daily ; or remaining persistently ill and weak, without any definite or demonstrable cause.
Page 63 - a novel suggestion in regard to the treatment of the uric acid diathesis. " The remarkable solvent action of phosphate of soda on uric acid, to which Liebig has lately directed attention, inspires a hope that its administration may be of use in cases of calculous disease, by impregnating the urine with an active solvent.
Page 220 - views, and demonstrated the application to them of the nucleated cell-theory ; whilst these investigations are fatal to the theory of cancerous matter being formed in the blood, and eliminated at the spot where the tumours appear. An additional argument is thus afforded in favour of operations, and the importance of removing every cyst rendered
Page 480 - them some others ; who, as he expressed it, in the phrase of those that keep wild beasts for show, were much better worth seeing than any they had passed, being ten times more fierce and unmanageable.
Page 69 - almost invariably became the subject of extreme fatigue, with a painful aching sensation across the loins, in addition to the flatulence and epigastric uneasiness under which he always laboured. The urine voided before retiring to rest after the severe exertions of the day, was almost constantly of a deep amber hue, high specific

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