British and Foreign State Papers, Volume 85

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Page 114 - and privileges, and be subject to all obligations to which a natural-born British subject is entitled or subject in this Colony, with this qualification, that he shall not when within the limits of the foreign State, of which he was a subject previously to his obtaining this
Page 1201 - how an uniform and unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of ten points of the compass, so fixed as to throw the light from right ahead to two points abaft the beam on the starboard side, and of
Page 1121 - and manned by not more than five persons each in the way hitherto practised by the Indians, provided such Indians are not in the employment of other persons, and provided that, when so hunting in canoes or undecked boats, they shall not hunt fur-seals outside of territorial waters under contract for the delivery of the
Page 1228 - and signet or by our order in our Privy Council or by us through one of our Principal Secretaries of State, and to such laws as are now or shall hereafter be in force in the Colony. 4. Every person appointed to fill the office of Governor shall
Page 1201 - two points abaft the beam on the port side, and of such a character as to be visible on a dark night, with a clear atmosphere, at a distance of at least 2 miles. (d.) The said green
Page 1216 - The Convention set out in the Schedule to this Act (hereinafter referred to as the scheduled Convention) is, with the Protocol thereto annexed, hereby confirmed, and the Articles thereof shall be of the same force as if they were enacted in the body of this Act. 2. If
Page 1205 - Lawrence and the south-east point of Cape Choukotski to the meridian of 172" west longitude, thence, from the intersection of that meridian in a south-westerly direction so as to pass midway between the Island of Attou and the Copper Island of the Komandorski couplet or group
Page 436 - it shall remain in force for a period of six months after either of the Contracting Governments shall have given notice of a purpose to terminate it. In witness whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the above Articles, both in the English and the Norwegian languages, and have hereunto
Page 1119 - the islands of the United States in Behring Sea, when such seals are found outside the ordinary 3-mile limit. And whereas the aforesaid determination of the foregoing questions as to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States mentioned in Article VI leaves the subject
Page 1214 - Shipping Act, 1854," therein called the Principal Act, have been adopted by the Government of any foreign country, and are in force in that country, it shall be lawful for Her Majesty by Order in Council to direct that the ships of such foreign country shall

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