British Foreign Policy 1880-1895

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University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1917 - 164 pages

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Page 60 - is one to which no very definite meaning is as yet attached. Perhaps in its indefiniteness consists its international value. It indicates the regions which geographically are adjacent to or politically group themselves naturally with, possessions or protectorates, but which have not actually been so reduced into control that the minimum of the powers which are implied in a protectorate can be exercised with tolerable regularity.
Page 67 - ... Uganda by the British East Africa Company, I have deemed it expedient to authorise a commissioner of experience and ability to examine on the spot, with adequate provisions for his safety, into the best means of dealing with the country, and to report to my Government upon the subject. " In view of recent occurrences in Egypt, I have determined on making a slight augmentation in the number of British troops there stationed. This measure does not indicate any change of policy, or any modification...
Page 9 - Austria did all she could to prevent the creation of Belgium. Austria never lifted a finger for the regeneration and constitution of Greece. There is not an instance — there is not a spot upon the whole map where you can lay your finger and say,
Page 9 - I trust, enable me to promote, in concert with them, the early and complete fulfilment of the Treaty of Berlin with respect to effectual reforms and equal laws in Turkey, as well as to such territorial questions as have not yet been settled in conformity with the provisions of that Treaty.
Page 61 - ... labours of these Commissioners should not -result in a complete agreement upon all details of the line, the Agreement between the two Governments as to the general delimitation above set forth shall, nevertheless, remain binding. The Commissioners will also be...
Page 29 - Soudan, and on the measures which it may be advisable to take for the security of the Egyptian garrisons still holding positions in that country, and for the safety of the European population in Khartoum. You are also desired to consider and report upon the best mode of effecting the evacuation of the interior of the Soudan...
Page 28 - It is politically connected with Egypt in consequence of its very recent conquest ; but it has not been included within the sphere of our operations, and we are by no means disposed to admit without qualification that it is within the sphere of our responsibility.
Page 2 - The first thing is to foster the strength of the empire by just legislation and economy at home, thereby producing two of the great elements of national power namely, wealth, which is a physical element, and union and contentment, which are moral elements - and to reserve the strength of the empire, to reserve the expenditure of that strength, for great and worthy occasions abroad.
Page 17 - At the same time, this government, with respect to European States, will not consent to perpetuate any treaty that impeaches our rightful and long-established claim to priority on the American continent.
Page 9 - I do not say that Austria is incurable. I hope it will yet be cured, because it has got better institutions at home ; and I heartily wish it well if it makes honest attempts to confront its difficulties. Yet I must look to what that policy has been. Austria has ever been the unflinching foe of freedom in every country of Europe. Austria trampled under foot, Austria resisted the unity of Germany.

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