British Homœopathic Pharmacopœia

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British Homœopathic Society, 1882 - Homeopathic pharmacopoeias - 456 pages
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Page 3 - Four fluid ounces with 30 grain-measures of the volumetric solution of nitrate of silver exposed for twenty-four hours to bright light, and then decanted from the black powder which has formed, undergoes no further change when again exposed to light with more of the test.
Page 55 - Indigo, dry, and in fine powder, 5 grains ; sulphuric acid, 10 fluid ounces. Mix the indigo with a fluid drachm of the sulphuric acid in a small test-tube, and apply the heat of a water-bath for an hour. Pour the blue liquid into the remainder of the acid, agitate the mixture, and, when the undissolved indigo has subsided, decant the clear liquid into a stoppered bottle. Solution of Sulphate of Iron.— Take of granulated sulphate of iron, 10 grains ; boiling distilled water, 1 fluid ounce.
Page xi - Published under the direction of the general council of medical education and registration of the United Kingdom, pursuant to the medical act (1858).
Page 177 - Mix eight fluid ounces of the hydrochloric acid with the distilled water, and in this dissolve the iron at a gentle heat. Filter the solution, add to it the remainder of the hydrochloric acid and the nitric acid, heat the mixture briskly, until, on the sudden evolution of red fumes, the liquid becomes of an orange-brown colour, then evaporate by the heat of a, water-bath until it is reduced to ten fluid ounces.
Page 57 - According to the metrical system, the quantities of the substances to be tested are expressed in grammes by weight, whilst the quantities of the test solutions employed in testing are expressed in cubic centimetres, — the cubic centimetre being the volume of a gramme of Distilled Water. As the cubic centimetre bears the same relation to the gramme that the grainmeasure bears to the grain, the one system may be substituted for the other with no difference in the results, excepting that, by the metrical...
Page 68 - LENGTH. 1 line = -2ij inch 1 inch = js.-rVyj seconds pendulum 12 „ = 1 foot 36 „ = 3 „ = 1 yard Length of pendulum vibrating seconds of) mean time in the latitude of London, > 39'1393 inches, in a vacuum at the level of the sea. . ) RELATION OP MEASURES TO WEIGHTS. 1 Minim is the measure of 0-91 grains of water 1 Fluid Drachm...
Page 91 - Digest the residue for half an hour with two pints of the water, and having collected the insoluble matter on a calico filter, wash it repeatedly with distilled water until the washings cease to give a precipitate with chloride of barium. Finally, dry the product at a temperature not exceeding 212 F.
Page 64 - Take of Solution of Soda, a sufficiency ; Distilled Water, a sufficiency : fill a burette with the Solution of Soda, and cautiously drop this into 63 grs.
Page 55 - Take of tartaric acid, in crystals, 1 ounce ; distilled water, 8 fluid ounces ; rectified spirit, 2 fluid ounces. Dissolve the tartaric acid in the water, add the rectified spirit, and preserve the solution in a stoppered bottle. Solution of Yellow Prussiate of Potash. — Take of yellow prussiate of potash, in crystals, 1 ounce ; distilled water, 5 fluid ounces.
Page 5 - Characters and Tests. — Colourless and free from empyreumatic odour. Specific gravity 0-795. It is entirely volatile by heat, is not rendered turbid when mixed with water, and does not cause anhydrous Sulphate of Copper to assume a blue colour when left in contact with it.

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